Michael Jackson: The Experience on Kinect has singing only songs

In a conversation with Everybody Plays at a recent hands-on preview event, Brand Manager Felicia Williams revealed that Michael Jackson: The Experience on Kinect will feature a number of "Singing Only" songs - tracks with no dance moves - and that the game doesn't actually track your singing...

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EVILDEAD3602600d ago

Dancing to 'Earth Song' or any ballad is silly..the developer may have realized it from the Wii version and cut it for Kinect. But what the Wii couldnt do was superimpose you onto the stage which is clearly a more effective approach. (ala Ubisoft's Fitness evolved.

The Meerkat2600d ago

As a 360 owner I don't say this often but here goes,

Damn Lazy Devs!

pixelsword2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

That was made for Kinect, and the full implementation of Kinect into the game would have made the 360's take the best version in my humble opinion.

You're right those are lazy devs. That's a travesty because if done right, Kinect + Michael Jackson + Dancing = AAA level title. Separately, imagine a game that goes through like Moonwalker but you actually do the moves to vanquish the enemies? My word, that would sell like hotcakes!

KingME2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Look at it this way, have you ever seen someone sing a ballad or a song made for a charitable cause and dance to it.

I think it was the right move. "We are the world, we are the children..." as we shake our asses and dry hump the person next to us?

Child Please!

kingspoonian2600d ago

It's a bit disappointing, I think - especially as it the dancing was apparently fine for the Wii and PS3 versions

YOUR-MUM2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Really the fan boy stuff on this site is shocking. By singing only tracks it mean no songs with no vocals. And as for the dance moves then check a reliable source like this one.

Looks like the best version to me. You can cleary see his multi going up when he is hitting the dance moves.

radphil2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

You didn't even read the article did you?

It stated that it has SOME SING ONLY SONGS, not all.

Plus all you linked was a trailer/promotional video...

Honestly it's questionable as to why they went to that route when they have those same songs able to be danced to on the other versions.

sp1deynut2600d ago

...stupid fantrolls can't/don't read the actual stories...just troll blindly, based off of the titles.

I find it quite amusing, actually...just shows the world their ignorance. :)

KingME2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Then you have those fantrolls that can't see past their fanboy goggles and WILL NOT pass up an opportunity to make a negative comment even if they can see it would be pointless.

@Kingpin (below) you thought it would be construde as trolling yet you said it anyway? What the hell does handicap people have to do with it. As if you give a damn whether a handicap person can play with it. Can a person with no arms play MOVE or Wii, can a person with no legs do run in the olympics? Some things are the way they are, don't try and exploit it for your fanboy gain.

KingPin2600d ago

i know this is gonna be labeled as trolling and spam but i cant help myself :P

so can handicapped people play this kinect game since seeing no body movement is needed? :P

Emilio_Estevez2600d ago

You didn't read the article. Read it and answer yourself.

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