Angry Birds Creator: Console Gaming Is Dying

Yesterday, at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Peter Vesterbacka, the maker of Angry Birds, compared the explosive growth of mobile and social gaming with the decline of console gaming, concluding that the latter is “dying”.

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Vo_Cal2630d ago

These fools get a little success and all of a sudden they know what the hell is going on with everyone else's business. the Mighty Eagle needs to land on their studio.

Ranshak2630d ago

It may not be dieing but it surely is going down. Console game sales are down year on year, 2009 was worse then 2008, 2009 was worse then 2010. 2011 has had a bad start. This is verified by NPD.

PC gaming on the other hand has been growing. People may disagree and flame however these are actual figures no point disagreeing.

humbleopinion2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

There are a few reasons why we saw a decline in 2009 over 2008 and again in 2010 in NPD:

1) In 2008 we had the two best selling standalone games in this generation of consoles: GTA IV for the X360/PS3, and Mario Kart for the Wii. These kind of 20+ million seller tend to tip the scale and there are very few of them (we also had a yearly COD title, but that's just like every other year).

2) In 2009, console hardware prices went down for all 3 key players. So although more consoles were sold, less money was generated from them. When the NPD states that "overall console spending is down this year" they refer to the actual money, not the number of units sold.

3) In the past two years we saw the slow decline in PS2 sales. These old 99$ consoles contributed to the total figure in the past, but there is no cheap alternative to replace them now since the console manufacturers still charge a premium price of over 200$ for current gen consoles.

4) World is going digital. PC is probably 50% digital now, and Microsoft catalog now has hundreds of "regular" X360 games for direct download. And that's on top of the PSN and XBLA services. These numbers are not tracked by the NPD although they are estimated in billions.

So if you were to ask me the console business is extremely healthy, and if you actually compare the number of console games sold each year you will see an increase over the years.
Here, just one recent example: COD Black Ops was just declared as the best selling game in the US *EVER*. Angry Birds will need a lot of 99p sales to generate this much money, and as long as there are games like COD, there will be eager developers who KNOW they can make a better game in hope to take its place.

Istanbull2630d ago

LOL does this idiot think a little 1 dollar cheap game can replace console gaming?

What a FOOL

Glad I jailbroke my iPhone and got his game for free

kingjoker342630d ago

maybe sales have been going down because of a recension? Because i dunno...but people wanna eat instead of buying games?

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Vitalogy2630d ago

So, just because he sold a few copies for iphone/ipod of that stupid game that means console gaming is dying, right... XD

Silver3602630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

He should say that to the approximately 183 million consoles sold this generation between the three console manufactures

2630d ago
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Spitfire_Riggz2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If console gaming died I could not be a gamer anymore. Social "5" minute games just dont do what something like Mass Effect or Uncharted 2 does.

And I would argue against the "social" part. I dont know if a game like angry birds could socially match what games like Halo, Battlefield and Killzone 3 do online. (Even if it is sometimes racist 10 year olds)

kevnb2630d ago

You dont need a console for that kind of exeperience, pretty soon any laptop or tablet will be able to provide something like that. i think sony sees it coming.

Daver2630d ago


You are kidding right? You tell us that you will play or now it's even almost becoming experience on your tablet or on your laptop on your knees? instead of sitting comfortably on your couch with your big TV and surround sound. I'm sure you will prefer sitting in an airplane stuck between people playing a game on your tablet

TheDivine2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I agree with you, the tablets are the future or handhelds. Yes it is better than a console because you can bring it with you, plug it in at your boys house, and it has much more functionality. Why cant you plug a portable console into a tv and use a controller? The ipad 3 will probably run mass effect better than a 360. The hardware is getting there. Consoles will always be here but id rather have a MS tablet that runs 360 games w hdmi out than a 360 that stays under my tv. Not to mention an ereader, movies, wb surfing, apps exc. Mark my words whoever makes a gaming tablet will outsell consoles.

Ducky2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I think people aren't bothering reading what his reasoning was.
His argument is that console games have huge budgets and require a hefty amount of sales to break even. Smaller mobile games however, are cheaper/easier to make and therefore are smaller risks.

The next-gen is going to amplify the problem of cost even more when games start coming with more detail (graphics, animation, voice acting, etc).

So in a sense, he's right. It's just going to get harder for devs to survive (especially with publishers like Activision running things into the ground). However, his comment applies more to the decline of hardcore gaming versus the rise of casual games rather than just consoles. 360 and Wii seem to focus more on casual games now, and games in general are following a trend in which they get dumbed down (or 'stream-lined')

JeffGUNZ2630d ago

How is Xbox aiming towards the casuals? If you say Kinect, I may throw up. Kinect is an EXPANSION that makes the 360 MORE compatiable for EVERYONE. I guess we forget about Halo Reach, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Gears 3, Forza 4, Metal Gear Rising, Call of Duty. Give me a break. The only reason people hate on Kinect is because it blew MOVE out of the water. No one knows or cares about MOVE due to Kinects success.

If you take the time to look, you'd see that most of the games released for KINECT are also on MOVE. Sure, Kinect has some exclusives, but I have seen the same workout games and sports related games for both Kinect and MOVE. Give me a break with this BS argument. Take a look at some of the Gears 3 BETA video's on this site and then tell me it's for the casuals.

nycredude2630d ago

Console games cost more with every generation and I have seen it effect the number of games being release. As a matter of fact there are TOO many games releasing this year. This guy is a retard. When he starts releasing real full console games then he can talk until then he just sound like a wanabe developer without the support these other studios have.

RyuCloudStrife2630d ago

this guy is a lil too high off his little kids game

Jio2630d ago

he should go back to making kids games and stop talking about games that are way above anything he could ever achieve.

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