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Submitted by SententiaS 1723d ago | news

Angry Birds Creator: Console Gaming Is Dying

Yesterday, at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Peter Vesterbacka, the maker of Angry Birds, compared the explosive growth of mobile and social gaming with the decline of console gaming, concluding that the latter is “dying”. (Angry Birds, Casual games, Mobile, PS3, Rovio, Wii, Xbox 360)

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gravemaker  +   1723d ago
he is idiot
Vo_Cal  +   1723d ago
These fools get a little success and all of a sudden they know what the hell is going on with everyone else's business. the Mighty Eagle needs to land on their studio.
Ranshak  +   1723d ago
It may not be dieing but it surely is going down. Console game sales are down year on year, 2009 was worse then 2008, 2009 was worse then 2010. 2011 has had a bad start. This is verified by NPD.

PC gaming on the other hand has been growing. People may disagree and flame however these are actual figures no point disagreeing.
humbleopinion  +   1723d ago
There are a few reasons why we saw a decline in 2009 over 2008 and again in 2010 in NPD:

1) In 2008 we had the two best selling standalone games in this generation of consoles: GTA IV for the X360/PS3, and Mario Kart for the Wii. These kind of 20+ million seller tend to tip the scale and there are very few of them (we also had a yearly COD title, but that's just like every other year).

2) In 2009, console hardware prices went down for all 3 key players. So although more consoles were sold, less money was generated from them. When the NPD states that "overall console spending is down this year" they refer to the actual money, not the number of units sold.

3) In the past two years we saw the slow decline in PS2 sales. These old 99$ consoles contributed to the total figure in the past, but there is no cheap alternative to replace them now since the console manufacturers still charge a premium price of over 200$ for current gen consoles.

4) World is going digital. PC is probably 50% digital now, and Microsoft catalog now has hundreds of "regular" X360 games for direct download. And that's on top of the PSN and XBLA services. These numbers are not tracked by the NPD although they are estimated in billions.

So if you were to ask me the console business is extremely healthy, and if you actually compare the number of console games sold each year you will see an increase over the years.
Here, just one recent example: COD Black Ops was just declared as the best selling game in the US *EVER*. Angry Birds will need a lot of 99p sales to generate this much money, and as long as there are games like COD, there will be eager developers who KNOW they can make a better game in hope to take its place.
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Istanbull  +   1723d ago
LOL does this idiot think a little 1 dollar cheap game can replace console gaming?

What a FOOL

Glad I jailbroke my iPhone and got his game for free
kingjoker34  +   1723d ago
maybe sales have been going down because of a recension? Because i dunno...but people wanna eat instead of buying games?
Apone  +   1723d ago
Crazy he is
Vitalogy  +   1723d ago
So, just because he sold a few copies for iphone/ipod of that stupid game that means console gaming is dying, right... XD
Silver360  +   1723d ago
He should say that to the approximately 183 million consoles sold this generation between the three console manufactures
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Apophis   1723d ago | Spam
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1723d ago
If console gaming died I could not be a gamer anymore. Social "5" minute games just dont do what something like Mass Effect or Uncharted 2 does.

And I would argue against the "social" part. I dont know if a game like angry birds could socially match what games like Halo, Battlefield and Killzone 3 do online. (Even if it is sometimes racist 10 year olds)
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kevnb  +   1723d ago
You dont need a console for that kind of exeperience, pretty soon any laptop or tablet will be able to provide something like that. i think sony sees it coming.
Daver  +   1723d ago

You are kidding right? You tell us that you will play or now it's even almost becoming experience on your tablet or on your laptop on your knees? instead of sitting comfortably on your couch with your big TV and surround sound. I'm sure you will prefer sitting in an airplane stuck between people playing a game on your tablet
TheDivine  +   1723d ago
I agree with you, the tablets are the future or handhelds. Yes it is better than a console because you can bring it with you, plug it in at your boys house, and it has much more functionality. Why cant you plug a portable console into a tv and use a controller? The ipad 3 will probably run mass effect better than a 360. The hardware is getting there. Consoles will always be here but id rather have a MS tablet that runs 360 games w hdmi out than a 360 that stays under my tv. Not to mention an ereader, movies, wb surfing, apps exc. Mark my words whoever makes a gaming tablet will outsell consoles.
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Ducky  +   1723d ago
I think people aren't bothering reading what his reasoning was.
His argument is that console games have huge budgets and require a hefty amount of sales to break even. Smaller mobile games however, are cheaper/easier to make and therefore are smaller risks.

The next-gen is going to amplify the problem of cost even more when games start coming with more detail (graphics, animation, voice acting, etc).

So in a sense, he's right. It's just going to get harder for devs to survive (especially with publishers like Activision running things into the ground). However, his comment applies more to the decline of hardcore gaming versus the rise of casual games rather than just consoles. 360 and Wii seem to focus more on casual games now, and games in general are following a trend in which they get dumbed down (or 'stream-lined')
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JeffGUNZ  +   1723d ago
How is Xbox aiming towards the casuals? If you say Kinect, I may throw up. Kinect is an EXPANSION that makes the 360 MORE compatiable for EVERYONE. I guess we forget about Halo Reach, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Gears 3, Forza 4, Metal Gear Rising, Call of Duty. Give me a break. The only reason people hate on Kinect is because it blew MOVE out of the water. No one knows or cares about MOVE due to Kinects success.

If you take the time to look, you'd see that most of the games released for KINECT are also on MOVE. Sure, Kinect has some exclusives, but I have seen the same workout games and sports related games for both Kinect and MOVE. Give me a break with this BS argument. Take a look at some of the Gears 3 BETA video's on this site and then tell me it's for the casuals.
nycredude  +   1723d ago
Console games cost more with every generation and I have seen it effect the number of games being release. As a matter of fact there are TOO many games releasing this year. This guy is a retard. When he starts releasing real full console games then he can talk until then he just sound like a wanabe developer without the support these other studios have.
Wizziokid  +   1723d ago
yeah, ok...
RyuCloudStrife  +   1723d ago
i think
this guy is a lil too high off his little kids game
Jio  +   1723d ago
he should go back to making kids games and stop talking about games that are way above anything he could ever achieve.
SnakeShady  +   1723d ago
he should take a bird in the ass.
kevnb  +   1723d ago
Free to play games and etc are getting leaps and bounds better all the time, and the idea of a device that can games is foolish. I give it 5-10 years.
Ares84  +   1723d ago
How wrong you are....
kevnb  +   1723d ago
Based on what? the way things are going consoles as we know them cant go on. 5-10 years of current trends and i cant see much of a traditional console market left.
Ares84  +   1723d ago
well kevnb, you are wrong because consoles don't only do gaming. You can use them to watch movies, listen to music, browse the internet, view your pictures and some other small things. Consoles will progress I believe and will have more and more functionalities as a windows or apple PC. Consoles will not die out in 5-10years at all. The main functionality of a console always was and always will be GAMING. Like it or not. Consoles today are more than consoles, they are an entertainment center.
TKCMuzzer  +   1723d ago
Your point, the last time I looked the PS3 could do more than just play games.
Plus you are missing the point. Millions of people want a machine solely for gaming, you may not but many do.
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Mmmkay  +   1723d ago
there is a bigger chance of the iphone being gone in 5-
Mmmkay  +   1723d ago
I'd rather give the iPhone 5-10 years ......
chriski333  +   1723d ago
This is madness!!!
Ares84  +   1723d ago
This guy has no knowledge about the gaming industry. Console gaming makes up the largest part in the video game world. These app. Games are a joke. They are ok to kill some time while waiting t the DMV and such places but I would never pull out my phone at home to play anything on it. It's clear that he is just jelaous because he can't make a proer video game so he feels the need to crap on actual video games. I'm sorry but Angry Birds is a pice of shit!
kevnb  +   1723d ago
Pc gaming is the largest part of the market actually, a good chunk of it is stuff you dont like but it really doesnt matter. Its all about money, not making you happy. Zinga is bigger than ea, think about that for a second.
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Ares84  +   1723d ago
Zinga? I never heard about Zinga. It's deffenatly not bigger than EA.
White-Sharingan  +   1723d ago
You're a fool, like all PC exclusive gamers. Console gaming is bigger than PC gaming at the moment

"$970 million in revenue" on PC

"Xbox 360 topped $3 billion in traditional U.S. retail stores in 2010 — moving the Microsoft console past the Nintendo Wii (at $2.6 billion) and keeping it ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 3 (at $2.1 billion) in a closely watched measure of financial performance."
Imalwaysright  +   1723d ago
PC market generated 16 billions in 2010.
#9.1.3 (Edited 1723d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
White-Sharingan  +   1723d ago
Imalwaysright- Source?

EDIT: I found the source, that's worldwide sales my friend, not US only. The data I gave you is US. Besides the bigger PC markets like asian countries are big because consoles are banned in that country (like China for example), and most normal games we play are banned as well, which won't help EA and other companies at all.

When we find sales revenue from worldwide console sales, then we can talk.
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Ducky  +   1723d ago
"You're a fool, like all PC exclusive gamers."
... Jeesh, leave a little bit of arrogance for us too, ey?

The figure you reported is from Steam. Steam is a digital distribution service, one of many on PC (arguable the most popular). So the actual revenue might be bigger, but meh... I doubt the PC generates enough software revenue to match three consoles combined though. =/
Including Hardware might change things... but that'd just be getting desperate.
... Maybe if we started arguing that PC is larger than any single console... we'd still be having a pointless discussion since Vesterbacka's comment applies to consoles and PC games.

As for Zynga -->
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Imalwaysright  +   1723d ago
You could just googled it but here it is
White-Sharingan  +   1723d ago
I did google it and I edited my comment a few minutes after, like I said, those are worldwide sales buddy, not US only. The numbers I gave you are US only, imagine including Japan, Europe and the rest of the world.

Like I said, China and many other asian countries have banned home consoles because they are worried it will take too much time out of children's lives, and other bullshit as well, but for some reason PC games aren't completely banned at all. Even with consoles banned on some asian countries, I'm positive that overall sales for consoles is higher than PC.

Even IF PC sales are higher worldwide, the fact that some "normal" games are banned on those places as well, it means it wont help developers sell their games.
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Anon1974  +   1723d ago
Casual games is where the money is at, there's no doubt about that. They're selling, and who they're selling too is females aged 25-35. That's why games like angry birds, tiny wings or fruit ninja can sell upwards of 2 million dollars and counting. And these are titles that could have been made by a team of 3-5 people in under a couple of months. Sell them at a buck a pop, take away Apple and Android's fees and suddenly you've struck it rich. It's possible.

By contrast, console gaming is a risky business. You can lose 5 years of your life and invest millions into a game and there's no guarantee it'll sell. As a business sucks. There's too much risk and fans are incredible fickle. Bad word of mouth over the internet can absolutely sink a game - even if it's not warranted, and with so many games to choose from, who wants to invest tens of millions into a game that might be overlooked simply because a better FPS ships at the same time.

While I don't think console gaming is dying, I can certainly see how he might think that given the rise in the casual market. We've come full circle back to the start of videogames. Mobile game pioneers now have the chance to try new things, new ideas with small teams and have a good chance of being successful at it - just like back when the atari 2600 was picking up steam. Of course, we know how that ultimately turned out.
solidworm  +   1723d ago
WOW delusional.............
BeastlyRig  +   1723d ago
console isn't dying but pc is increasing.
Inside_out  +   1723d ago
Apples, oranges and BIRDS...
Comparing mobile anything to stay at home consoles is pretty dumb. The guy makes mobile games so you can expect such stupidity. Free apps will always out sell, if you can say sell, since it's free than a $60 full game...O_o

M$ last June said XBL generated 1.2 billion dollars in can bet with Black ops, Halo and Kinect it's a lot higher now. Halo Reach has moved close to 9 million units. COD: Black ops on 360 has moved close to 11 million units and has become the biggest and best selling game this gen. Kinect has broken all kinds of records and continue's to do so...what was this guy talking about again???

He has an agenda and that is fine...BUT, you can't compare phones and FREE apps to some thing like
kevnb  +   1723d ago
That isnt indicative of the entire console industry.
lucier007  +   1723d ago
hahaha moron
Spinal  +   1723d ago
This is just stupid. Even tho he's a smartphone app developer I expect more Well thought out comments. How can you seriously think Consoles will die? They will always have a home (Market) just like a TV does in a house inhabited by Kids/Teens.

Yes Smartphone/tablets are getting popular i myself plan to buy the Xperia Play cause im not interested in NGP/3DS and this is to replace my iPhone 4. My consoles and PC Gaming rig are at home for Hardcore gaming when I got the time to Chillax.
pcz  +   1723d ago
angry birds is shit
who cares what he says.
boss_killa  +   1723d ago
" Angry Birds just passed the 100 million downloads milestone – how many of them were paid downloads is unclear"

LOL. Dude doesn't even know how much his game sold to consumers or how many times it was stolen.

xbox 360 install base around 51 million
ps3 install base around 50 million
Wii install base around 85 million

This has been one of the most successful console generations of all time(maybe the most in history). The first time in history where there are 3 consoles living side by side and none of the big 3 are dropping out.
NexGen76  +   1723d ago
Bubbles for you my friend....
bunfighterii  +   1723d ago
Spinal  +   1723d ago
Lol right on brother, right on.
krisq  +   1723d ago
His brain
is dying.
jjank11  +   1723d ago
I'm more excited for console gaming then I ever have been. The only issue with any game being developed, mobile phone gaming aside, is that it takes an enormous amount of resources (i.e. money, talent, tech, time). So we can expect to have new iterations every few years and not every holiday like angry birds.

Look, I play console games for hours upon hours whereas I play Angry Birds usually as I am going to bed. Beat a few levels and go to bed. Just because everyone and their mother can play a free game has nothing to do with the death or decline of console gaming. They are two different entities within themselves.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1723d ago
Why are people always saying this? They are selling millions of consoles and games each year. They may downsize a bit, but nobody walks away from sales like that. If a company were to drop out, the others would surely benefit greatly.
Neko_Mega  +   1723d ago
Consoles will die when the world dies.
Shok  +   1723d ago
It's actually growing...
PsYcHoToE1  +   1723d ago
Love the Angry Bird game but I think the success went to his head.
k2d  +   1723d ago
Handheld gaming might be a good supplement but it will never take over for console or pc gaming.
hatchimatchi  +   1723d ago
F*** angry birds, it's a mediocre game with a broken physics engine. Yes the team has sold copies hand over fist but it doesn't make it a quality title. Console gaming is declining but that doesn't mean all games will go towards the typical, "play for two minutes then put down..." There will always be a market for deep, expansive games and angry birds is not one of them. There's a reason I own a PSP/PS3/PS2/Saturn/Wii/XBOX/PS 2/GAMING PC but not a single ipod touch/iphone/ipad....
andron666  +   1723d ago
Woot? So that's why they released AB as a Minis?

Console gaming is going strong with great games coming out. Angry Birds is a fun little game, but I usually only game on my mobile (Android) when I'm on the train or bus and have no other option to pass the time...
#25 (Edited 1723d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JeffGUNZ  +   1723d ago
Exactly. when I want to play a video game I don't go into my office, sit on my couch, and play angry birds on my iphone. I play my PS3 or 360. Give me a break. Angry birds is a great little game to play while you're passing time, for instance, I play mobile games while I am not driving in my carpool. Angry birds is great, but nothing beats Diner Dash and the rest of the Dash games from Play First, INC. Those games are addicting!
andron666  +   1723d ago
Actually my favourite "casual" game for train and bus rides is the Bejeweled series. Very relaxing and addictive...

Edit: Unfortunately it's not out on Android yet, argh...
#25.1.1 (Edited 1723d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
audiojet  +   1723d ago
This comment will shock people and get headlines so he's kind of smart for that but don't fall into the trap. This is definite troll bait, and is so inaccurate it should be ignored.

Angry birds in a lot like pac-man, it will be remembered but won't stay relevant.
sashimi  +   1723d ago
Onehitwonder boy really has a lot to say doesn't he. Why doesn't he try creating something with more substance and another game with the same level of success as angry birds and get back to me.
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NeloAnjelo  +   1723d ago
Growth in mobile gaming does not mean less and/or the death of console gaming. There is room for both. In fact they even compliment each other. Mobile games means more people have access to playing and creating games, meaning more jobs and innovation in the industry, and new customer growth, both in the typical and diverse consumer bases.

Mobile gaming can even lead to and added interest in console gaming. These markets are not mutually exclusive, but then again do not rely on each other being a success.

I would say these "on the go" quick play games have created a new market interest both for developer and consumers, leading to more downloadable titles being created and purchased. This is good news for everyone as it offers more choice, easier market entry, and overall more competition.

There are no losers. At home I mostly play my console, on the go I play my iphone. The competition relates directly to mobile gaming platforms and not home consoles.
jrbeerman11  +   1723d ago
repeat the success of angry birds again and then you can talk.

Angry birds will one day be the "macarena" of video games. Something that hits absolutely huge, but then becomes a joke sometime later. We will all reflect on it wondering why people were so stupid to like it so much.

Edit: not to mention most sales are from a different user base than console gamers. Its like Chipotle with all its success with burrito's saying "Hamburgers are dead"
#29 (Edited 1723d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
blackburn5  +   1723d ago
PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii 2 appear. Everyone runs out and buys them. Your theory goes out the window.
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