Pony Friends More Mature, More Gruesome Than Originally Thought

Kotaku didn't actually get to play Eidos' Pony Friends for the Nintendo DS, but they did find time to walk past the booth in a hurry to get somewhere else. Most surprising thing about the title is that it, apparently, has a strong military aspect to it. You can use grenades to take out swarms of enemies? Awesome.

Pony Friends-leave no man (or pony) behind.

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Syko3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

You can use grenades to take out swarms of enemies!?!...On Pony Friends?!? This has hand held GOTY written all over it.

Wish it had multiplayer, so I could smash people for massive damage with the Pink Pony.

Cat3972d ago

jack thompson should jump all over this game masquerading as a little girl's dream. pony brutality!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3972d ago

It's something else on the TV. The Pony thing is just a wall decoration. Since when can you play DS games on HDTV's?

Think about it, it makes no sense. Whatever is on that TV isn't ponies.

Cat3972d ago

r u serious? it's tongue in cheek.

Kratchet3972d ago

This was from august :|

Leathersoup3972d ago

I remember this from quite a while ago. In the age of instant information it's kind of sad. It shouldn't be considered news... it's more like... olds.

Drano3972d ago

If you were waiting for the right time to buy yourself a DS... there it is.