The totally awesome and ghetto looking Guitar Hero controller mod

Screw totally metal hacks for Guitar Hero. The real awesome hack is turning your Guitar Hero guitar into an actual instrument. No offense to the Guitar Zeros, but Chris from the awesome videogame cover band, Powerglove, has made this extremely awesome Guitar Hero controller mod that blows anything before it into smithereens. And unlike others, Chris actually tells you how to make this Guitar Hero synth controller.

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Syko3821d ago

I think me even thinking this is a brilliant idea makes me retarded. I don't know what it is about the stupid controller but modding it is all I want to do... Before this one though, I am going for the ZZ Top Mod so I can spin that biatch while I am playing Rock Band during the Drum Solo =)

Cat3821d ago

i'm holding out for how to mod it to the reaper's scythe.

Drano3820d ago

Is there anything that Duct Tape can't do?

d3l33t3820d ago


this mod is only bad ass if you can play it.

Drano3820d ago

"Contraceptives [...]"

Is that a challenge? ^^

d3l33t3820d ago

haha im afraid to say yes

Kratchet3820d ago

The Theme song was hilarious.

"Chris marshell arts and crafts corner, doodley doo doo, thats the theme song. :D

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay3820d ago

"10 action packed, action bottons"

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