Japanese hardware/software weekly sales

PSP dominates for the third week running,360 sales increase by almost 300%, while Halo 3 was suprising the 2nd best selling game

PSP 128000
DSL 72000
Wii 25000
PS2 13000
PS3 13000
360 5800

1. Pokemon 97,000 (857,000)
2. Halo 3 61,000
3. Crisis Core 61,000 (664,000)
4. Tamagotchi 3 48,000
5. MGS Portable Ops+ 41,000 (130,000)
6. Bleach 32,000
7. Yugioh 30,000
8. Eiyuu Densetsu 26,000
9. Evangelion Magokoro 24,000
10. PSU Illuminas 24,000
11. Kanji Kentei 2 23,000
12. Oblivion 23,000
21. Wangan PSP 10,000
23. Kekkaishi 9,800
27. Agarest Senki 9,000
28. Eigo Kentei DS 8,900

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PS360WII4066d ago

Crisis Core still selling great but nocked down to 3rd :(
Wonderfull PSP sales ^^
and 61K for Halo 3 in Japan is very nice all things considering

sticky doja4066d ago

Very nice considering most Japanese don't like FPSs

Phantom_Lee4066d ago

the last time 360 got that high in Japan was the release of Trusty Bell
cool~ I guess Halo has fans in Japan as well

eagle214066d ago

ps2 and ps3 26,000...wii 25,000. More Sony home consoles being purchased last week. psp, doing its thang. Halo 3, great start, 360 sales good jump.

razer4066d ago

But the Wii owns Japan's console space both the PS3 and 360 need to pack up camp and go home.

XxZxX4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

HALO 3 = Trusty bell in japan, that's really sad.

Wait what are the source of this chart.
If it's vgchartz, it's not accurate.

Just take a look at this
Official M-Create Ranking of week of sep 23rd

VG Charts of week of sep 23rd

totally different.

Pekka4066d ago

These are probably from Famitsu since Vgchartz doesn't have numbers yet.

Did you notice how Vgchartz (and Famitsu) count both Pokemon games together and M-Create treats them as separate games (as they should IMO, some people actually buy both versions). Which is why FFVII:CC has been leading in M-Create and Pokemon in Vgchartz.

Lumbo4066d ago

Totally different ? hardly
if you had took the time and added up the pokemon numbers (like famitsu does) this numbers look exactly like the vgcharts numbers, only that vgcharts is ~ 10% higher on all titles cause they take the famitsu numbers over the media create numbers.

overall both are as accurate as you would get sales data, as in 10-20% around the real numbers. Both numbers are estimates, not handcounted sales out of the shops.

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The story is too old to be commented.