New Unreal Tournament 3 Screens

Brand new screens of Unreal Tournament 3 released.

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Kleptic4091d ago

yay..delay the game...then release more stuff rubbing it in...yay...

still can't wait for this 1 purchase no matter when its released...

bung tickler4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Yep gonna be a great multi platform game, it's a good thing everyone will get to play it.

P.S. Seeing this just make me wonder what kinda great stuff Epic will have for Gears 2...

mighty_douche4091d ago

im gonna be fragging the crap out of ya!! BOOM HEADSHOT!!!

secret4091d ago

PS3 fanboys, enjoy this's a good laugh.

neogeo4091d ago

old pics from E3 2005
just check ign

Kleptic4091d ago

mighty are done in UT3...not matter what the cost...I checked my stats in warhawk the other had like a 9 death kill streak on me...what is that about?...You were the one that ended up giving me my first medal...the supreme sacrifice thing, where you need a 5 death streak to get it...that was the only medal I was trying not to get...haha thanks man...

but yeah can't wait...once the new firmware is up hopefully we will be able to get bloody organized with games in both UT3 and Warhawk...everytime I join a game you are in I end up on the other team...then getting killed by you...a lot...

mighty_douche4091d ago

thank god for copy and paste!

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mighty_douche4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

this game just seems to get better and better! with the added MOD support as well as keyboard & mouse this game is a sure winner for ps3! oh yeah probably do quite well on 360 to as its gonna kick the crap out of halo in both single/multi-player even without all the extras.

oops did i say something will be better than halo...? relax fanboys and hold the disagrees until this game is released and you see what UT is all about, trust me halos not a scratch on this puppy. UT has refined its game play over the years to the master piece that it is now. oh and its ACTUALLY runs in HD. dont get me wrong i love halo, probably the best 'console' FPS to date, TO DATE, but not for long. and dont throw numbers at me, "yeah well halo sold 3. meh meh copies..." what difference does that make to us as gamers? none!

EDIT: oh look 20 secs later someone disagree and yet they cant leave a valid point for it! oh the surprise of it all....
you name halo in a comment with out following it by how great it is and how much you wanna lick the crap out of bill gates ass then its disagree central. lol oh well

Kleptic4091d ago

I clicked agree...but I too am not going to give you a reason why...

d3l33t4091d ago

i only see 1 new sceen. But the city scape looks awesome, i hope i get to pwn sum n00bl375

mighty_douche4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

remember this is a console driven site, you'll confuse the poor little buggers.

he said nooblets people... NOOBLETS...

dont worry dude theres gonna be plenty of them to go around!

edit @SmokeyMcBlunt, any easy mistake to make after a few blunts! also rad english bull if its yours! love those little £uckers!

SmokeyMcBear4091d ago

i thought he said boobies

367 To Your Ass4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

I guess GOW2 will look much cleaner than 1, GOW did and still has extreme graphics for a game.

I guess it takes epic to unlock the power of unreal.

mighty_douche4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Bioshock would disagree with you there.

edit: thanks..

Rooted_Dust4091d ago

Bioshock didn't do much for me in the graphics or animation department. I would be upset if UT3 didn't didn't look or move better than Bioshock.

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