GamesTM review scores

Check out the latest reviews from respected magazine GamesTM, which contains some surprising scores.

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FlyWestbrook2631d ago

Motorstorm score is madness

blusoops2631d ago

But there were a lot of low scores. Maybe they're trying to be like edge? Although even Edge gave motorstorm an idk.

callahan092631d ago

No, THIS is madness: Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel – 4

That's crazy low!

Neckbear2631d ago

Considering AT is one of those games that has flaws, yet is incredibly enjoyable, doesn't surprise me. In fact, I don't have much hope that ATQ will be reviewed positively, so it's not like I honestly care.

Oh, and the whole stripping lolis thing gives chance to knock off points for "sexism".

PSjesus2631d ago

They gave a good score for Yakuza 4,but Motorstorm 6???