42 PS3 Console PICS.

YES, It's not a typo. 42 pics from every angle, ENJOY!

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Cyberoach4379d ago

I can grill some mean burgers with this badboy.

achira4379d ago

very cool pics, this thing is seeeexyy, lol

THE TRUTH4379d ago

I think that the PS3 has touch sensitive power buttons on the console because there are no groves around those buttons, also you can see the new R2 and L2 tiggers.

The pics of PS3 with the all white PSP look so damn sexy ^-^

Can't wait to get mines on lauch day !!!

Monolith4377d ago

i think it is touch sensetive, and i like the pic with the white psp hooked up to it, its gonna be sweet having that sexy ps3 in my room, on my bigcreen tv, oh and i got the HDMi