Kotaku: This Holiday Season, PS3 Has The Largest Lineup Of A-list Games Coming Out

In this article, Kotaku writes:

"The holiday season is upon us, and that means game publishers across the country and around the world are getting ready to unleash some of the best gaming of the year on our poor, unsuspecting wallets... I've sorted the list by console, listing titles and prices with totals at the end. I chose not to include handhelds... Also excluded are PC games for the same reasons, as well as the fact that system requirements make me wish that I could run out of must-haves."

The List (Only the total price has been listed, full list with games and prices after the jump):

PS3 - Total: $974.88
"Out of the three current gen consoles, the PlayStation 3 has the largest lineup of A-list games coming out between now and Christmas, which is just splendid for those of us who've been patiently for a time when there were too many games to choose from. Even more interesting is the fact that the PS3 is tied with the Wii as far as console exclusives go, with five games that are only coming to the system. Some might question Eye of Judgment's place on the list as a must-have, but I feel it is a system-defining title and deserves a spot there. I'm also pretty excited about Singstar, though I decided to keep it off of the list as I don't think I'm in the majority on that one. Also note that I went with the Rock Band bundle instead of just the game, as it is silly to not buy it in the discounted form."

Wii - Total: $239.95
"While the Wii only has five games coming out that I would consider must-haves, every one of said titles is a console exclusive, though Raving Rabbids 2 is also coming out for the PC. On top of that, there are tons of niche games and children's games heading to the console this holiday season, so while the system might be low on blockbuster hits, it makes up for it in variety."

Xbox 360 - Total: $704.90
"The Xbox 360 only has two exclusives on their must-have list, Ace Combat 6 and Mass Effect, but they're both pretty huge, and of course their biggest title came out last week, so the holiday season is a bit milder for Microsoft's console compared to the PS3. In calculating the cost I went ahead and assumed that you've already bought Guitar Hero II and have the guitar...if not, tack on an extra $40."

"So how about you guys? What titles would you add to the list? What would you take away? How much are you planning to spend on the 2007 holiday gaming season?"

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Meus Renaissance4087d ago

Ratchet and Clank: $59.99
Assassin's Creed: $59.99
Call of Duty 4: $59.99
Uncharted: $59.99
Unreal Tournament 3: $59.99
PES2008: $59.99
Mass Effect: $59.99
PRGR4: $59.99

Then a few months later, KillZone 2. MGS4 and GT:Prologue

I won't have time to eat or sleep.

The General4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

With the line Ps3 has to offer this holiday season, who was actually stupid enough to say that the ps3 was dead this holiday? In fact, it's the exact opposite, The Ps3 Will Live and be Stronger than ever. I definitely believe it can sell 11 million by next march, and with the 40gb ps3 already unofficial confirmed by everybody but Sony, what console will stop the beast from wreaking havok on the games industry?

The only other conosle that could possibly rival the Ps3 after it releases its big guns this holiday season and early Spring 08 is a PS2 with motion sensing, bundled with PS2-Sports.

Until then...

xbox 360: shhh...
wii: wut man?
xbox 360: shhh...., do you hear that?
wii: hear wut? wut u talking bout, 360?
xbox 360: Listen, it sounds like the Ps3 Beast is waking up... we should have never jumped in.
wii: O oh, i think i wiied on myself. I don't wanna play beyond no more.

To Be Continued...

jiggyjay4087d ago

Dude we all know the Playstation 3 has crap games coming out! Sony Fanboys so called Triple A titles Lair & Heavenly Sword were crap!! Heavenly Sword might not be a bigger crap than Lair but with all the Hype surrounding HS it became crap!! HAHA Keep dreaming Sony Fanboys its all about quality instead of quantity!

razer4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

ps3: did you hear we are getting our asses kicked across the board?
wii: yes I know, by both myself and the the 360
360: of course

LOL - I love it how Kotaku makes their list right after 2 great exclusives come out for the 360 (Halo 3 and PGR 4). Biased much?

It's so hard to be in last place with such a fat Sony ego doesn't it?? Just know that I laugh at your expense everyday about it.

EDIT: Let me also say this list is what Kotaku feels is "A-List" if your going to include Eye of Judgement you need to include : Scene-It, Beautiful Katamari and Viva Pinata Party Animals to the list of exclusives.

fredy4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

games and prices..hmmm

How Original and well thought out post.

this article has nothing to do with the 360 but it will rear its head, hopefully these games move units. some look promising, some don't, some fans will be rewarded for waiting, some won't.

somehow the title of this article does not match reality.

Take it from TheExecutive down below, the only games worth buying imo.

jmare4087d ago

That's kind of stupid to bring up Lair and Heavenly Sword together. Lair did suck due to it's control scheme. It wasn't that bad when you got used to the controls. HS however was universally praised as one of the most beautiful games ever. the only complaints anybody really had was the length and that the combat wasn't as polished as something like God of War.

Bordel_19004087d ago

@ Jigglejay

Heavenly Sword is awesome, best game I've played in a very long time. There's nothing crappy about Heavenly Sword.

Gina-get-u4087d ago

Hey jackass, did you read the article, or even the post you are replying to? The article is a comparison of all three consoles' holiday season lineups.

fredy4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

*original article
"The Holiday Season - Now How Much Would You Pay?"

*news by fanboys new headline
"Kotaku: This Holiday Season, PS3 Has The Largest Lineup Of A-list Games Coming Out"

now stfu ya sony d$ck ryda, such c#$nts on here.

Richdad4087d ago

Here are some more exclusive 360 titles, that could be A grade:
1. Beautiful Katamari
2. Naruto Ultimate Ninja
3. Timeshift (will come next year on PS3)
4. America's army : True soilder
5. FEAR files ( yes it is console exclusive to 360)
6. and wait what abt PGR4

w57cpd4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

You got to be kidding me. The 360 has by far more exclusives this Holiday season than the PS3. How can you put a game on the A-list if it has not been release. If that was the case why didn't he listed Naruto, Fear Files, Scene-it, & World in Conflict. I have a PS3 along with a 360, but as of this moment I spend more of my time on the 360. Sony problem is that they have a "wait and see approach" about the PS3 whereas MS approach is "here and now". Sony just be quiet and bring out the AAA games we can all agree own (MGS4, Tekken 6, FFXIII, and KZ2)

Hatchetforce4087d ago

Sorry but that America's Army title is crap. I have already had a shot at it and it reeks.

You can keep trying but you had your two years of bragging now sit your ass down. I owned a 360 during that entire time and still spent more time on my PS2. Now the PS3 is stepping to the front of the line so either buy in on the next console leader or get out of the way.

WafflesID4087d ago

I love how some of you can turn a seemingly innocuous news article and turn into fanboy fuel.

Yeah I'm looking at you General.

You fanboys manage to somehow ruin anything you touch.

tigerranger4087d ago

That is not bias, becuase he is talking about the holiday season. Halo and PGR4 were released in the fall, therefore the holiday season is at the middle of October and towards November till February.

wageslave4087d ago

"Now the PS3 is stepping to the front of the line so either buy in on the next console leader or get out of the way"

You are a laugh riot son. Who pays you for these nuggets. Pure comedy gold.

Bleem3604086d ago

I can't add anything that hasn't been said above - other than...

Shame on you Kotaku!

lawman11084086d ago

Mass effect is 360 ONLY and at the very least UT3 (which is also going on the 360 along with...GASP...MGS4 and it or not) has been pushed back to 2008 who wants to bet on what other titles wont see 2007?

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BlackCountryBob4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I'm going for:

Uncharted £40
Lair £40
Ratchet and Clank £40
Haze £40
Call of Duty 4 £40

Us UK gamers don't get Rock Band until after xmas or that would be on my list. I'll consider Assassins Creed after I play a demo or if I see it cheap (something tells me it is gonna be the great game that comes out this xmas that gets totally ignored in sales terms like Viva Pinata did last year).

@Meus Renaissance: No real reason, just on a limited budget so I have to prioritise my buying and as I aint a big multi player gamer Unreal is something that I don't mind waiting a few extra months to play when I can buy it for £20. It does look an ace game though.

Its looking a great xmas for all gamers, just a shame that Burnout or GTA have been delayed :(

Meus Renaissance4087d ago

Any particular reason why you're not going for Unreal? I think the Mulitplayer is fantastic, fast paced adrenaline action. COD4 is more tactical and slow paced in my opinion. The ability to shoot back when you're down wounded is a nice addition, but I just wanna jump in a lobby and start to gunning. Respawning a few seconds later, and be in a hot spot straight away.

Shoot. Kill. Die. Repeat.

DrRage774087d ago

um, unreal tournament has been delayed for the ps3...that's why it is not any anyone's list anymore for this holiday season

also, are we seriously considering Eye of Judgement as one of the must-have titles?

TheExecutive4087d ago


Are absolute must haves.

P.S- I dont care for the flame war this may start. Every system has awesome games coming out on it, cant we all enjoy the games we want?

Meus Renaissance4087d ago

It has not been delayed. That is the latest information from Epic in response to yesterdays rumours that it was.

sticky doja4087d ago

They are trying to get it out on time, but they feel it will be delayed. If it is a rumor, midway started it

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Relientk774087d ago

yo whats with that really dumb picture for this article?

crazy250004087d ago

HS is an awesome game, i just bought it and enjoy playing every minute....even those who own the 360 and wii played it for the way....they barely play their consoles anymore after realizing how halo is 1.5 :)

TheExecutive4087d ago

I agree that HS is an awesome game, people who havent played it say it sucks. What do they know anyway? Seriously awesome game and I think the sales will show that, in the end thats what matters anyway. Not what some fanboy who never played the game on some random website says about it.

chester4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

for that 2 days that i rented it and played through it twice. don't get me wrong, it had some good moments and visuals, but i'm happy as hell i didn't buy it. warhawk is the best ps3 game out so far this year. i don't see anything coming up that tops it. the only game i'll be picking up is uncharted and ut3 if it comes out, which i'm not betting on. and i'm looking forward more to mass effect then either of those two games for sure.

lonestarmt4087d ago

thats wierd logic. I guess you should only buy the best game on your system. SO i guess sony should only play warhawk, 360 bioshock, and wii well.. wii sports..jj zelda twilight.

godofthunder104087d ago

how can people like you fight over a kid game system like you do,i'll admit i play some with my son but i don't act like a child and fight over wich one is the best because it's a toy for kids,you could say whay you want but that's the truth,all it's good for is playing games,but this is the most stupid remark that you and any other fanboys could come up with.halo 3 is the biggest selling game in history and people like you can't stand it and call it halo 1.5 and never played it because people like you act like a bunch of little kids and act as if the ps3 is god and every thing is great on it and every thing on the 360 is crap and it just show how childish you are to say stupid remarks like you did without even playing it.well i like to know why every rating it received is almost perfect,and why was sony so worried about it that they had an emploee hack the win site and change all the good remarks that halo3 recieved before it came out and made them bad remarks,don't try to deney it because all you have to do is check the internet and you will see that they chased where the hack originated from and it came from a sony office builing over seas and now they are trying to find out who acctualy did it.
how can all of the fanboys post on these site that the ps3 has better games for it,because it's just show how bias all of them are because the 360 has about 95% of the games that the ps3 has but the 360 games has better ratings then the ps3 games so far but it might change latter and that's a fact and on top of that the 360 has over a 100 more games then the ps3 have.
the sony fanboys talk about URT3 as one of the games that's coming out for christmas on the ps3 but they are dead wrong.URT3 been delayed to next year so URT3 will come out at the same time on the 360 and ps3.he even mention rockband for the ps3 but it will come out the same time on the 360.
the fanboys will always say that the 360 and the game graphics for it isn't any good even if the graphics were like real life,h*ll they even said that the graphics on bioshock was crap so it shows how bias the fanboys are.i don't know if they are jealous because the 360 has games and the ps3 don't right now or because the 360 is out selling the ps3 right now.
unlike sony fanboys i'll admit when something is good no matter what game system it's on because i refuse to act like a child on a play ground saying my daddy can beat up your daddy because that's the way they sound.
the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and they both have great graphics,h*ll most of the game programers said that they are really equal in power because of the way they were built.i rather and love some games on the 360 and the same for the ps3 but i'n not going to lie and say that one is better then the other it's not true.
but if i was a fanboy i'll be ashamed or mad as hell after what the writers for japanese game magazines said.when they were intervied at the TKs and they was asked why the 360 can't seem to sell in japan and they replied that the japanese people or proud of their country and companies in it and they just refuse to buy any products that's not made in japan especialy the U.S because they like to help their on economy out.well i'm proud of my country to,that's why i always try to buy american products when i can so i can help my own economy out and i always pull for a company from the U.S.i don't pull for a company in japan and hopes that one in the U.S fells.
years ago when they came out with the capaiign that said buy american,they said that if we don't start now that we wouldn't be the richest country in the world any more,well they were right now japan is thanks to people that buy forign products when they could buy american product.

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supaet4087d ago

I love how the "a-list" game was determined objectively before the game even come out.

the ps3 doesn't have the largest list, not even close.