Jack Thompson's Brilliance: Wants judge to also be defendant

Yesteday, GamePolitics reported that game-hatin' attorney Jack Thompson invoked Monica Lewinsky and Animal House in a claim that Judge Alberto Jordan was a big meanie for spanking Thompson over adding gay porn to the court docket.

Thompson went as far as to request that Judge Jordan remove himself from the controversial attorney's lawsuit against the Florida Bar.

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MK_Red3722d ago

I don't understand how they let him go on with his job. Number of his screw ups have reached 3 digits and yet, they let him keep his job.

Tsalagi3722d ago

I can't wait until the day he flips out in the courtroom (hopefully on live TV) and attacks someone. I'd probably die laughing if i got to see him rolling around on the ground getting tazed screaming " Don't taze me bro!! The videogames made me do it!!!"

Darth Gamer3722d ago

He is clearly NUCKING FUTS!!!

Proxy3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

"Well Mr. Tompson, you presented a very good case, but I hearby pronounce MYSELF innocent. Court is adjurned."

If I was the defendent/judge, I'm preaty sure I'd just represent myself and be my own laywer as well. Maybe I could have like a fake mustache or something I could put on to help people tell what role I was playing at any particular moment.

Charlie26883722d ago

This guy is SO unreal and insane I am starting to think he is part of some sort of Reality TV show we don't know off O.o

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The story is too old to be commented.