Reggie: Wii won't meet holiday demand

Nintendo of America exec says supply constraints of console will continue until after the holiday season. Unbeaten in the console sales charts since April in the US, Nintendo's Wii has consistently outsold its competitors by healthy margins. However, far from reaching its saturation point, the Mario Factory has yet to meet demand for its console. According to Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime, that situation isn't going to change as the already-booming gaming industry heads into its busiest time of the year.

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Sayai jin4062d ago

I understand that they have been outselling the competition, but it has almost been a year. Imagine how much they would sale if they had enough consoles around. Some how this may be on purpose. Nintendo ay be distributing enough consoles to always appear to besold out. This will get people thinking this system is a must buy for gaming and very popular. Although this would be smart business strategy.

Kholinar4062d ago

Doubt it.

You don't want thousands of people walking around in stores with $300 to not be able to spend their money on your product. It's better to maybe keep one on the shelf at the very least. If nintendo could have had them in stock everywhere they would have.

The only people who want to make things look hotter like this are people who aren't selling consoles. Earlier this year a certain exec took this stance.

Sayai jin4062d ago

hey, you may be right aout it. I still find it funny how they can nt meet demands, when it has been over a year. All I know is I brought one for my two daughters.

Shaka2K64062d ago

The wii is lacking good games this holiday season,
i think they have some rehashes like last gen. rehash bros and milkio galaxy now with a stupid gimmick that makes u look retarted.

Rooftrellen4062d ago

You must be the first Sony fanboy I've ever seen that hates Final Fantasy.

You say any game without online is terrible just by lacking online, and you hate franchises being milked.

Mind telling us what games you're looking forward to for the PS3? I would love to know what great games you're looking at that aren't rehashes.

Rooftrellen4062d ago

I feel a little sorry for Nintendo with this. They created such a beast of a console using supplies that are rarely used (accelormeters, for instance), that companies that make the parts of the Wii can't keep up.

10 million Wiis in a year is one Wii every 3 seconds! Nintendo can't keep them in supply for a reason, its selling far too fast! Now, that's a place Sony or MS would love to be, but they could also ramp up supplies faster, since they use parts that are more common to deal in. Nintendo is the smaller console maker dealing with smaller companies making their parts. It's much harder for those companies to ramp up production of their parts than it is for production of, for instance, even cell processors.

Shaka2K64062d ago

Not rehash son and all AAA real next gen. games.

Warhawk (?)

FF aint rehash you idiot every new FF is always a totally new game.

Rooftrellen4061d ago

Sorry, when you said "milkio galaxy" I thought you were refering to Mario.

Yes, each one is a new game, though they all tend to follow the same few formulas.

However, obviously you don't consider Mario milked if you don't consider FF milked. After all, there are, what, 15 or so FF games (13 is comming out, and there were a couple of others that didn't just go up to the enxt number). There's only about one real Mario game every 2 years, so we'll say 13 of them. FF is much more milked than Mario.

Thanks for listing a lot of games that are out right now, but I would have assumed you had some of them, and, therefore, are not looking forward to them.

I can probably name twice as many games for the Wii that aren't milked or rehashes as you can for the PS3. I don't keep up with the PS3 too well, but aren't Resistance and Motorstorm games with sequals already planned?

I hear the cows mooing...time for some milking, eh?