PS3 Ratchet & Clank exposed: Awesome levels and weapons you haven't seen

GamesRadar writes:
If you want to discover the wonders of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction for yourself, we'd suggest clicking away now. The video we're about to show you features action from the later levels, tackled with some of the best gadgetry in the game. Yup - we would have stuck around too.

First, you'll see the planet Viceron and the start of your break-in run on the intergalactic jail. We're not going to tell you why you're breaking in - we're not that mean. Then you'll see the into-the-screen flight section as you make your way towards the space pirates' base.

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squallsoft4094d ago

...of playing R&C3 right now. i better hurry up and finish so i can get my hands on this game asap!


MK_Red4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

You mean R&C: Up Your Arsenal? Man that game was awesome. No, it was super awesome.

The more I see of this stunning game, the more I miss the multiplayer mode. Why can't they just put a simple mp mode in this amazing game?

Irving4094d ago

This is Insomniac we are talking about. If they can't up or even match the MP with the quality of Resistance, then they won't even try it. Better no MP than the half a$$ed attempt like Stranglehold.

squallsoft4094d ago know the servers for Up Your Arsenal are still up, right?

gunnerforlife4094d ago

wow this game looks so wicked:D i cant wait to play it.

mighty_douche4094d ago

lol now thats something i never want to experience!

aaarrrggghghhh MY EYES!!! lol

mighty_douche4094d ago

R&C!!! i cant wait for this bad boy!!

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The story is too old to be commented.