GameSpot: Fire Pro Wrestling Demo

GameSpot checks out Fire Pro Wrestling (with avatars) on the Pax East 2011 show floor.

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Blad3star2138d ago

This game looks and plays like sh!t.

Why do the avatars walk like they have poop in their pants.

CaptainMarvelQ82138d ago

because they do have shit in their pants

FLOWCity2138d ago

Looks fun..In a crappy way..But fun

lashes2ashes2138d ago

this sounded really cool. but the animations were horrible. and the clipping is really bad. i hope this is a early build.

BLAKHOODe2138d ago

i can never get videos on to play right.. not one either of my PCs.

Boody-Bandit2138d ago

This is horrid. It looks and moves like a game from a decade ago. Who is going to purchase this crap?

paradiselost932138d ago

The same fools who bought kinect.

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