Medieval II: Total War only £2.50 on Steam

Steam currently has Medieval II: Total War on sale for a bargain price of only £2.50.

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RedDead2630d ago

2.50? ....Unbelieveable

imvix2630d ago

Retail can throw a fit and die :P

WhiteNoise2630d ago

I bought Mirrors Edge for $4AUS from GAME in store, box, manual plastic wrapping and all.

There was a double pack of dues ex/just cause for $4 as well....

Retail still has these sort of sales.

I can also buy any game cheaper than steam from retail on release dat. Steam is only good for sales of obscure games or if you live in a third world country with no retail chains.

thebudgetgamer2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

this is why i can see myself going to pc gaming.

i only wish i could get steam on linux

thebudgetgamer2630d ago

i'm not anti windows, i was thinking of partitioning a portion of my hdd for windows but my computer isn't really built for gaming anyways.

cakeisalie2630d ago

PC gaming platform is the cheapest to game on despite what most people playing on console may say.

People think Consoles are cheap because they always end up comparing the initial purchase price, however they forget the hardware is pointless without the software. Since console games launch at a higher price and stay there for a long time. For anyone who is a serious gamer and wants to be playing 1-2 games a month PC is easily much cheaper in the long run.

thebudgetgamer2630d ago

for me when it comes to console it's an ease of use thing, i buy a game throw it in and play. no hardware restrictions to think of.

with that said i do recognize the advantages that come with pc gaming, the price of the games being maybe the biggest. add to that modding that can keep a game fresh for ages.

cakeisalie2630d ago

Well tbh i been using windows 7 since its launch(i have never reinstalled it), i cant recall if my computer has ever crashed ever since the first install its that stable. Stability wise i would place it above my friends console.

I currently use steam, which means all my games are installed on the PC, there is no such thing is as removing disks and getting another disk to play the next game i wanna play. Its basically point, click & play. I find that alot easier then console. Sure there are those times when games have problems, but lets be honest here these days games launched on console arent perfect either and problems do occur on console too, however when a problem happens on console you are limited to the developer to giving you a solution, With PC you atleast have a chance of getting something done yourself.

Regarding hardware it may have been an issue 5 years back when games were actually take advantage of hardware. Today even a developer like crytek is pushing out games which are first designed to run with 6 yr old hardware (conmsoles), unless the game being played is very badly optimised anyone with a 2-3yr old rig all they have to do is move all the settings to max thats about it. There really isnt a need to even look at game requirements if you made a half decent machine in the last 3-4yrs.

callahan092630d ago

Yeah, for me Steam is the most convenient, cheapest, and easiest way to play my games. I have my PC hooked up to a nice monitor that I can play on seated in my chair at my desk with keyboard & mouse, and it also has a 50 ft HDMI cable to output to my TV across the living room, where I can play on my couch with an Xbox 360 controller for Windows. I have over 400 games installed on my computer (about 300 from Steam, 40 from, 20 from Direct2Drive, 10 from EADM, 10 from GFWL, and a few more from disc-based games that didn't affiliate themselves to one of my downloadable game services accounts when registered), occupying about 1.5 TB, and they are all available at a single, simple click. And out of hundreds of installed games and demos I've only had one issue with compatibility preventing me from running a game or causing significant bugs/crashing issues, and that was the Total War: Shogun 2 DEMO, which I never could get running for some reason. But yeah, for me, PC gaming has been amazing.

Megaton2630d ago

Any good? I've got about $3 leftover on my account.

MajestieBeast2630d ago

Bought the total war pack all games including shogun 2 for only 65 euro. I wuv steam

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