Microsoft rolls out three new Zunes

Microsoft introduced on Tuesday three new models of its Zune digital media player that wirelessly and automatically update their music, photos and videos when placed near a user's computer.

They mark the second generation of Microsoft's answer to Apple's iPod, which has sold more than 100 million units in various shapes and sizes since its 2001 launch.

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mighty_douche4087d ago

rolling all the way to the bin, ipod has this market in the bag, i guess any sale they can take away from apple is good for M$, but with all the media/development costs is it really worth the effort?

ShadoWulf4085d ago don't expect them to back out anytime soon. They've made progress in breaking down the Apple monopoly, and that's exactly what this market needs. You see, if Apple actually does ever gain an unbreakable grip on the market, then you're screwed, as are we all. You know what that's called? A monopoly. Monopoly=less choice for the consumer=easier for the company to totally screw you over. Just look at the iPhone update 1.1.1

gololo4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

yeah i think MS is fighting a war that was lost even before it started.
Just watch there will be a flame war here sooner or later.

GIJeff4087d ago

Reminds me of the console market situation.

Halo increased sales...for now. I really never believed there was much hope for them in the console world. They usually spend more money then they rake in in hopes of eventually one day making a profit. I would have liked to see Sega as one of the three rather than MS. Oh well. Good luck with that MS. Next year in console market is going to be painful for them.

Adamalicious4087d ago

Compared to the new iPod Nano - I can't see why anyone would go for the new smaller Zune.

omansteveo4086d ago

Honestly the Zune has alot better features than the Ipod like access to the marketplace straight from your zune and wireless syncing also through wifi and it doesnt look like crapp after a week bc of scratches

Ri0tSquad4087d ago

Ipod FTW Zune really sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.