Call Of Duty 4: All Perks Leaked

New perks include:

Frag x 3
Equipped with 3 Frag Grenades

More Ammo for your gun

Dead Silence
Sprinting creates no noise

Iron Lungs
Increased breath in count. Can hold the sniper steady for longer

Can listen to other team mates conversations.

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P4KY B4038d ago

Anybody have any ideas what Double Tap is?

kornbeaner4038d ago

Double tap increases your firearms firing rate by 2X

sticky doja4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I mean they aren't any bigger, so why can't you carry those instead of flash/stun. Or better yet why can't you grab the grenades of the people you kill? You can take their gun but not their 'nades? Doesn't make sense. The game still rocks but thats my main gripe with it, that and the fact that in Free for all half the time they spawn someone right behind you.

DG4038d ago

Its a frag fest as it is I wouldnt want %50 of the kills to be from grenades. Im disapointed that no real new perks were added though.

socomnick4037d ago

The call of duty 4 beta was garbage because of all the frags this perk makes it only worse. I swear every half a second you would hear a frag grenade go off. Especially at the end of the beta when they turned on martyrdom.

crazy250004038d ago

anyone know if this will have keyboard and mouse support??? would be awesome

yaf4038d ago

This game cant come any sooner

AllroundGamer4038d ago

very nice perk system, it will be a great game.

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