Pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, confirmed alive!

Nintendo have confirmed that Pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, is alive via Twitter.

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technologymob2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I know there was an article on the 'death' but I think it's pretty note-worthy that he has been confirmed alive so therefore deserves posting!

Christopher2627d ago

I notice a ton of disagrees on this topic and I assume it's because people don't think it relevant to "gaming".

I gotta say that the death of a large portion of people who may or may not have been gamers, as well as the hundreds of thousands who are without such luxuries let alone a home, is at least relative to the culture of gaming.

It should be noted that one of the first things that will aid in relief is to provide the kids who are now homeless not only with just food, clothing, and shelter, but also games with which to help increase their outlook on this disastrous moment in their lives as well.

Mystogan2627d ago

What about Masashi Kishimoto(naruto) guys anyone heard about him?

technologymob2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

See the statement in the post; Nintendo confirmed no-one has died :)

Edit: Sorry, though he was Nintendo-related too. My bad.

alexi_6662627d ago

i have to know this as well! there's no point to living if naruto is never finished. Dx

technologymob2627d ago

Worth noting 10s of thousands are rumored dead still... Be a miracle if no-one
'well known' is killed :( So far so good though!

Christopher2627d ago

Just to clarify, more than one hundred thousand are unaccounted for or missing at this time, especially in the Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. Dead has so far risen to about a 2,000 estimate with people still working to reach those in hard to reach regions.

DaBadGuy2627d ago

Good I'm glad to hear he's okay. I know there are many that are not and my thoughts are with them. Was just playing Pokemon Black earlier. I'm glad that the man responsible for most of my childhood is alive and well.

I was also wondering about Akira Toriyama and if he was okay. I know he lives in Japan as well. I guess I would be suprised to hear anything from him since he's always been sort of a recluse. I just hope he's okay.

Kran2627d ago

Who the heck started this rumour anyway? Whoever it was, what a heartless bastard they are if they did it on purpose, while Japan are going through hell right now.

UP2627d ago

it was probably 4chan. Right now they are having a field day with this disaster.

UP2627d ago

Someone on 4chan made and posted this today. their are many others.

Izanagi-no-Okami2627d ago

Sad. People are dying and they're making fun.

ExplosionSauce2627d ago

That wasn't even remotely funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.