Cnet: Prizefight Move vs. Kinect

It's the ultimate face-off between tech's top dogs in this five-round, winner-takes-all fight. You'll find the hottest tech battling it out here for Prizefight supremacy

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fr0sty2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Kinect won software? what are these fools smoking? No core games, a bunch of casual shovelware.... sure. I'm calling bullshit.

About half of all major franchises coming to PS3 have some sort of move support. Can kinect say the same? Nope. Have any existing games been updated to allow kinect support? no.

It's like they just rushed through a few bullet points and did all they could to make the score close, but make kinect still come out on top. I actually agreed with them on everything except the software, which is where move wins by a large enough margin to have won the whole face off.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Maybe they were comparing native motion-controlled games? Move is basically a tacked on control option for core PS3 games like KZ3, it's like saying PS3 exclusives also include PS2 and PSone exclusives because of BC.

Judging by your post history you're a PS3 fan so I assume you are aware of the old PS3 fanboy saying "Multiplatform games cannot push a console to it's limits, only exclusives can do that, PS3 exclusives", only in this case it's controls.

Core games (KZ3) with both Move (optional) and control pad (primary) do not showcase what Move can do only native Move games can and that is what they are comparing and in that respect we already know what Move is capable of because of the wiimote.

MrBeatdown2564d ago

You are using PS3 fanboy logic to prove your point?


thereapersson2564d ago

And judging from your NAME and YOUR post history, you have no right to call anyone out for being a fanboy.

MintBerryCrunch2564d ago

lol tacked've never touched the move controller and never played KZ3 with saying its tacked on is beyond about you do yourself a favor and play the game, then you'll see how much effort along with R&D was put into this "tacked on" feature by GG

did you really think you would sound smart by trying to prove a misinformed statement

thereapersson2564d ago

I agree. Killzone 3's sharpshooter implementation is one of the best instances of motion-controlled gaming I've ever witnessed - especially in a first-person shooter title.

2564d ago
BubbleSniper2564d ago

when u gonna mandatory install a brain??

zero_cool2564d ago

Move is not a tacked on option for killzone 3 you can completely adjust & customize your controls to your liking & same with using the sharp shooter.

Playstation move Sharp Shooter video Walkthrough:

PlayStation Blog - PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter:

Mr_Objective_2563d ago

Having move dedicated games and move supported games is a positive not a negative.
^^^Objective comment

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Warprincess1162564d ago

I don't even need to watch that video. I already know the move is better than Kinect.

Izanagi-no-Okami2564d ago

Coming from a troll, this doesn't mean much.

ATiElite2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I don't own a Xbox 360 or a PS3. PC Gamer Elitist of course. Yeh PC Gaming Master Race!!
looking at both peripherals from a NON-FANBOY point of view.....

I like the Kinect for the Exercise and Dance games. It can't be beat in those departments. Maybe if M$ had more game studios they could really push these formats. Also the PC mod community has found a ton of other uses for Kinect that M$ never even dreamed of.

I like Move for the Core experience or everything else for that matter where moving your character around is needed. Sorcerer looks good and of course KZ3 plays very well with Move. Sony needs to get more innovative uses out there for Move to really shine.

overall they are a tie IMO. Move has more potential because you can move your character around but SOny is "Move"-ing to slow to get the hits out for Move and just are resting on tack-on Move features to current titles. For Kinect IDK, everything will be on rails and that gets old really quick. I think the other Kinect uses will make it stand out. 10 million sold great! but how about something for the Core 360 user? Maybe after E3 Kinect and Move will get better software support and innovation.

zero_cool2564d ago

Sony's job is to provide developers with the sdks & peripherals so the rest of the work is left in the hands of developers to make it all sing on PS3.

FinalSpartan2564d ago

didn't move die ages ago? Wasn't it dead on arrival. Kinect selling so much, Becoming fastest selling electornic device ever, even though i dont care about it .

Move its nothing more then wii wannabe

foggeaboutit both of them. Move died horrible death no one cares about. I got PS3 so has all my friends. Not a single one care about move some even not heard of it .

2564d ago
winflasher02564d ago

aww u mad about move being successful.

stonecold32564d ago

kinect is a copy cat of the ps eyetoy

KratosGod32563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

By looking at your avatar, I know you don't own a ps3 or have any ps3 friends. You're just a 360bot troll who lives in a cave.

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2564d ago
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mcstorm2564d ago

I think they way to look. At is is by the software made just for the device not ported onto the device and kinect is the winner here. Move is a very good peace of kit but they way Sony are pushing the device is not helping del the device because every game can use the ds3 so why do people want to spend an extra £100 on a device when they can play it just as well on a ds3 which comes with every console. This is where MS got it right with kinect if you want to play a kinect game you need kinect it won't work with the 360 joypad. But the one thing we have yet to see from MS is a full core game for kinect so this is letting it down abit bur if what MS say is true then the games with both kinect and the joypad could make it work better than using move but we will have to wait and see what Sony and MS show us at e3 to make us all change our minds on the devices.

thereapersson2564d ago

Some of them are worse than Wii games if you get past the ability to move with your body.

The only real innovative (and I use that term loosely here) game on Kinect is Dance Central. If Kinect can't prove itself to be useful for more than just fighting, exercise, and dancing games, it's going to have trouble down the road. It'll sell well because those three things pander to the American public, but it needs more variable content to stay relevant past the initial impact of its control scheme.

ATiElite2564d ago

I agree Kinect is Hot n Cold
Hot dance and exercise Cold everything else

I didn't like the fighting games, bad hit detection and lag. The Move fighting games are much more crisp and accurate. this E3 will be the tale of the tape as to which device has the Software support to really give it that edge.

mcstorm2564d ago

I agree some games are hit and miss on Kinect but so are some move and wii game infact its the same of all games that are ever made some are hits and some are not.

Kinect works well if the developers use it right we have seen this in some games and what has been done out side the 360. But it is now up to MS and the developers to start to show the core gamers that it is a good device for them two but the 360 needed something like kinect for it as it was not a big hit with the none core gamers games like viva pinata Banjo ect did not get the sales they should on the 360 as the core gamers were just into FPS games and that is what the 360 is best known for. But with Kinect they can get Rare and other developers to give the 360 some amazing games like we say on the original xbox rather then just fps games we have seen this gen and it will only help the 360 brand become bigger.

Sonys biggest problem with Move is there not showing it off the the public. The mass public only buy what they see on the TV and if it as a good advert then they tend to sell well. Look at apple devices none of there devices sold very well until they started to flood the tv with its adds and people started to think it was the best device out there over anything else or HTC every one thinks they are a new mobile maker when they have been in the industory for over 10 years but now they are pushing it on the tv sales are picking up. This is what MS done this time round and it has worked out for them the same as Nintendo. If you look at how many adds on tv are from apple, Nintendo and Microsoft then compare this to Sony you will find there is a big difference and this has been sonys problem this gen.

I really hope they show off the NGP as much as possible as it looks like it will be the best portable console ever but they still need to push it to get good sales.

zero_cool2564d ago

Sony don't need some gamer to tell them how to run a multi billion dollar corporation.

citan2564d ago

CNET is part of CNBC which has a long record of MS ass-licking. What else would you expect?

THC CELL2564d ago

Ps move proves it self in many games including killzone3 and the sharpshooter is amazing, c net is owned by ms so no need to listen to them, kinect is just a shiny eyetoy.

THC CELL2564d ago

To be honest I bet it wont be long before sony annouces a updated eyetoy.

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