FAMITSU reviews for October :-LAIR gets the same score as PGR4


Arcana Heart - 7/6/7/6
SuchiPai4 - 8/7/6/5
Lair - 9/7/8/9
Operation Darkness review - 6/6/6/5
PGR4 - 9/8/8/8

Lair and PGR4 both got 82/100. Although PGR4 being an x360 game might not have any impact in JAPAN but expect LAIR to sell atleast 50 000 copies at Launch week . the 2 9's in the LAIR review proves that Japanese do like the game.

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risk4090d ago

i think microsoft forgot to send famitsu an $800 duffel bag..

nirwanda4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

obviously they translated the lair reviewers guide in advance this time besides duffel bag or no duffel bag both games scored highly by famitsu standards

nasim4090d ago

although we already know that x360 is a dead console in JAPAN and EU.

the ps3 would be getting a price cut in both JAPAN and EU before the launch of LAIR.

expect x360 to fully die in both JAPAN and EU on the 10th OCTOBER

i expect LAIR to sell between 150 000 --300 000 copies in JAPAN

and 500 000 copies in EU

pooh11254087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I've been living in japan for 10 years and famitsu loves sony so badly,
and always hype ps3 games,and underestimates 360 games.
all the gamers here know that.

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sonarus4090d ago

hahaha. would be hillarious if lair became a system seller in Japan.

mrpotter4090d ago

I knew they would like Lair just as much as i liked it. It seemed like a jp type of game to me for some reason. The game is flat out love it or hate it thats why its metatrics are around 5.8. I like it and i hope it sells a ton of copies in jp so they make a sequel. But WHY THE HELL IS THE ONLINE ON THE GAME NOT WORKING.

pwnsause4090d ago

wow, you know theres something wrong here when Famitsu, the toughest raters in basically the world gives a game that was rated 4 out of 10 in the americas a 82 out of 100. In other words they actually played the game and knew how to actually use the controls. Take note Gamespot.

SL1M DADDY4090d ago

Bubbles from me bud. I have played Lair and loved it. I have no trace of Japanese in me and have grown up in the US so I must be an anomaly… I do have to say that Lair was a good game and was fun for the time it lasted. It definitely deserves a decent score like this and not the bashing it got here in the States. It would seem that most of the Statesmen reviewers have been bought off to bash anything PS. Too bad too, since there have been several good titles on the system.

marinelife94090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

To be honest I played Heavenly Sword before Lair. Something I don't recommend. Heavenly Sword's acting was so believable I found Lair's laughable when I played it next. It was hard to get over because Heavenly Sword spoils you that much.

Lair was a ton of fun. But the only two drawbacks to the game the controls and the confusion on what to do kept it from being a AAA title. If they fix those issues in a patch or in Lair 2 the game would be virtually flawless.

MikeGdaGod4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

the acting is so good in HS, when i played Lair afterwards, my girlfriend and i just sat back and laughed.

the voice acting is something i never paid much attention to, but when you play something as polished as HS then play Lair, you REALLY notice the difference.

Komrad4090d ago

Lair is awesome. They got over the hype and actually sat down and played it.

Kleptic4090d ago

while I do agree with you guys that Lair was given poor scores in some cases for the wrong reason (the controls worked fine for anyone north of marginal retardation)...I do think it was overall a failure in terms of a fun game...

the acting is terrible (and it has always bothered me that the main character Rohn was modeled to look just like that douchy Julian Eggebrecht guy)...the level layout is gorgeous, yet illogical...the random cutscenes, are just that.. random...and terrible...and I don't like the CGi, cut back to in game for some reason, then back to Cgi...for no apparent reason...

thats just the corny stuff though...the game overall simply wasn't fun for all...their was no type of "dogfighting" which is what I was excited spam fire balls at dragons so far away you don't even see the animation of them falling...the up close battles are extremely clumsy...and the objectives are always annoying, especially with the horrid voice acting of your frat brothers yelling at you...

HS on the other of the very top games released on the PS3 so game has ever touched it in terms of acting or facial animation...nothing has come close...the sound in that game, the visuals, and the deep combat system (I originally hated it, in the demo I didn't think there would be anyway that the combat would work without a jump feature...but it does...big time)...its nearly perfect...I agree that it being a little longer would have been great, but that hardly "hurts" it...

the fact that Lair has reviews all over the place really points to how pointless reviews are...gamespot calling the controls broken was simply funny...they are not broken...not liking a control scheme does not make them makes you impatient, and mildly childish...America in a nutshell I guess, funny how foreign reviews have really been the only ones to praise the game...

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Sevir044090d ago

after all they incorpated it in their systems.. this proves that they are open to new things while america is well narrow minded. i enjoyed lair it was good.

BloodySinner4090d ago

No, Japan just favors Sony.

CrazzyMan4090d ago

No, Japan just ALSO chose best nextgen console. =)

pooh11254087d ago

No,japan is just f*cked up on chosing the best nextgen console. =)