Therapists Using Nintendo Wii For Rehab

Video games are big business, but they also get a bad rap for keeping kids on the couch, but now the Nintendo Wii is getting high praise for helping people get moving again.

Physical therapists at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis are now using the Wii to help stroke patients recover. It's an experiment, but so far the results have been great.

77-year-old Jerry Pope gets his workout playing a virtual tennis game. He suffered a debilitating stroke in June. Pope said that the Wii has enabled him to regain his balance, and the use of his arms.

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Rooftrellen4087d ago

One big problem with rehab is the mental strain patients go though. It's really amazing how much if your body you have to coordinate to play a simple game of tennis or bowling on the Wii, so I can really believe this does work and will become fairly common.

Of course, this would be later in rehab for most patients, because, believe it or not, being able to play a game on the Wii at all takes much more coordination and balance than most people going though rehab early have.

However, that allows it to be a decent tool for tracking progress as well, something that is hard no matter what, but the scores on Wii sports could actually help quantify the progress.

KnowitAll4086d ago

"Right now just a few hospitals around the nation are trying this, but the Army has also jumped on board. Injured soldiers in Landstuhl, Germany are also regaining their strength by playing virtual games on the Wii."

Now thats interesting.