Kane & Lynch devs talk Online

Best known for its Hitman franchise, IO Interactive is pushing its take on action gaming in a different direction with Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. To compliment its single-player portion, IO is implementing a number of new and interesting online modes to the game, including a variant called Fragile Alliance. The basic theory behind Fragile Alliance is that you begin working as a team against the cops, but as your members are taken out one-by-one, they'll turn to the other side and work against you, making it sound like a mix of cooperative play and team deathmatch.

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MK_Red4064d ago

This Fragile Alliance sounds promising. Hope it's not a tacked on mode like Darkness or Stranglehold.

Alcohog4064d ago

Sounds like HL2 zombie mod. Nice.

Salvadore4064d ago

Sounds like an intresting mode.

THX71684064d ago

Sounds a lot like playing "zombie" on FPS. Seems like it could be very fun to play. Like MK_Red said though, it better not be tacked on. The Darkness had possibly the worst multi player ever.