PlayStation Suit for Android 2.3 and above Smartphones confirmed

Very axciting news for Android and Sony PlayStation users that the Sony announced that the All android devices that is running on Android 2.3 or above version will be receiving “PlayStation®Suite aka PS Suite. This announcement also confirms that Sony will be simultaneously be launching a “”PlayStation®Certified” License Program to Provide PlayStation® Content and Development Support for Android™ Based Portable Devices.

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techprezz2684d ago

Any Android Update for HTC Desire ??

duplissi2684d ago

just throw some cyanogenmod7 or the latest aosp onto it and you will have 2.3...

i have an htc hero which htc stopped support at 2.1.... but i have 2.3 on it right now, however i have no delusions as to whether the thing will play ps suite games... its an older phone.

kingjoker342684d ago

i just got my inspire and the rooting proccess is horrendous right now, so looks like ill have to wait for it.

HolyOrangeCows2683d ago

"Suit"? Me thinks this was no accident. The suits are drawing in major hits these days, so.....

It's interesting seeing Sony branch into non-Sony devices.

tacosRcool2683d ago

Samsung needs to update sooner!

evilmonkey5012684d ago

I wonder, I just got my android btw... can I upgrade on a galaxy s mesmerize currently running eclair?
*goes to google* lol

lashes2ashes2683d ago

eclair. thats before froyo isn't it? suck i dont have update 2.3 on my droid. looks like no playstation for droid 1 users.

silvacrest2683d ago

if your willing to put a custom rom on your droid you can get 2.3

2683d ago
Masterchef20072683d ago

This software could be a huge sucess if sony pushes it correctly. Because having a dedicated store to games for smartphones is something that is needed in the market.

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