OPM talks about Team ICO's third title

Team ICO Gamers contact Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) and get confirmation that Team ICO is working on a PlayStation 3 game that, according to a Sony executive, is set in the same universe of that in ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

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Razzy4087d ago

I never played ICO but loved SOTC. Great Game.

Amp4087d ago

Razzy, really, do yourself a favor, its verry cheap now, pick up ICO.

sticky doja4087d ago

was one of the greatest games to play and greatest reviewed games that no one actually played. This was my first gem of a game on the PS2.

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Razzy4087d ago

Alright....I'm convinced. I'm going to try and find ICO this weekend. Thanks guys.

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Hades13374087d ago

Glad its gunna be like ICO and SotC and not a completely different game. It should be an awesome game and a guarenteed hit for thr PS3.

sonarus4087d ago

ps3 has a lot of great looking games coming up on the horizon. War devil is still goin we know infamous is coming next yr, GT, killzone, metal gear solid, Hopefully TEAM ICO project, maybe final fantasy may get in there and tons and tons of games we havnt heard of or still shrouded in mystery(afrika, eight days, heavy rain).
Secretly i am slightly dissapointed that TEAM ICO isnt doing a new title. They did ICO and it was excellent, Shadow of COllosus was also excellent i had no doubt their next title would have been equally excellent. The thing i liked most about ICO and shadow was the originallity would be a shame not to come up with some new ideas. Hopefully if they do shadow of collosus 2 they add regular enemies into the mix i felt shadow of collosus was too short because of only boss battles

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xaphanze4087d ago

what are you talking about? ICO is the name of the team

mighty_douche4087d ago

noobs.... gotta love them. nice try tho dude, ill throw you a bubble just for making me laugh.

alexrowetos4087d ago

^ Well ICO was the team's first game, hence the name "Team ICO."

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The story is too old to be commented.