GameInfomer's PGR4 Review: 8.75 and 9.25/10

GameInformer rate PGR4 as an 8.75/10 with a second opinion being 9.25/10. Here is the latter:

"I've always enjoyed the PGR series, but this year's edition is a thing of beauty. It's as if all the stars aligned in the series to bring us this one shining moment. The revamped Gotham Career mode follows a calendar format, but the thing that makes it work is that it lets you just race. Lose a race? No big deal, you aren't going to win them all; move onto the next track, earn more kudos, and get better at driving as there is always next year. Which is what I love about this game – it really just lets racing be fun. The cars follow this same mantra; they feel realistic to a degree, but they also feel fast and you can throw them into a corner without too much worrying, which is the thing that ultimately wears me down in racing "simulators." This is the best racing game I've played this year, hands down."

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TheMART4087d ago

@ Gamerankings it's on 10 reviews or so and 88%, I am pretty curious which reviews will add and if it will go up to 90% or higher AAA! It's pretty close already