PS3 price drop at last – in Italy

Italian trade magazine Gamestore reports that from October 10th Italian gamers will have the choice of a new 40GB PS3 for €399 or the starter pack which includes two games and an extra pad for €499...

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masterg4065d ago

It's great the price is finally getting acceptable here in Europe.
We have been paying $800-$900 so far so this is a big "price-cut".

With the PS3 selling well in Europe at an extremely high price (compared with the US) this is going to make a huge impact in the holiday battle.

I hope they bundle it with Rachet and Uncharted. But they will probably start with games already out.

Shadow Flare4065d ago

Well, the ps3 in europe never sold for $800-$900 to be fair. They sold for 600 euros. I realise that if you directly convert that into dollars, it may end up as $800 but the economy is different in the 2 continents. So economically, both ps3's cost the same amount in Europe and US (well before the US price-cut anyway)

But they should definately include games like Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted in there to show the power of the ps3. Newer games would be better. But im hoping one the games they bundle for Europe is PES 2008 cos the franchise is BIG here in europe

mighty_douche4065d ago

agreed mate, bungle the console with PRE2008 and they will sell bucket loads. PES is far and away the best football game (i refuse to call it soccor so you americans will just have to deal with it, we had it first lol) going!

djt234065d ago

people might buy ps3 in Italy

Marty83704065d ago

Gamers have been buying the PS3 in Italy for months.

DeadIIIRed4065d ago

Jp, but the price cut should boost sales this holiday season. I just got up so I can't remember straight, was 399 the starting price for 360 or was it 350?

mighty_douche4065d ago

you should be working for EA's development team. yeah i think it was 399.

SL1M DADDY4065d ago

Good for Sony. This might just be the start of massive sales world wide. That 11 million PS3's sold by Q1 of 2008 is a bit more tangible.

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The story is too old to be commented.