Zune vs. iPod specification smackdown

The new Zunes are official so let's get to it: a spec-by-spec scrap between Redmond's new Zunes and Cupertino's formidable iPod foe. Unfortunately, Microsoft failed to mention the all important battery performance of their new gear in addition to a few other minor details. Microsoft fans will tell you that's due to an iPhone-like surprise close to the November launch while haters will jump to the conclusion that this is a definite sign of trouble. Still even without that morsel, there's plenty of data to masticate for comparison. The Zune 80GB certainly holds its own when pitted against the 80GB iPod classic on a specification table. That's not the case, however, with the iPod touch as long as you're willing to sacrifice the bytes for the touch's bigger display and heftier price tag. It's a tougher call on the flash-based Zune vs. the iPod nano -- just how important is WiFi to you on a 1.8-inch display? None of this, of course, accounts for the oh so important user experience or the ecosystems supporting their respective players. As such, I'll reserve final judgment until I have the new Zunes in-hand. Until then you'd best dig in fanboys, that November release is a long way off. The tables that follow will provide the fuel to fight the flame wars for the weeks to come.
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CRIMS0N_W0LF4061d ago

Anything from Apple > Anything from Microsoft.

Ignorant Fanboy4061d ago

You must be an English teacher or something.

I actually like my Zune the best, over my ipod nano and Mini. The software is no-headache straight forward. I hate itunes, zunes software is much better.

And having a radio built in adds a little bit to the size, but its still small enough to look cool, and the bigger screen is great for movies. I hve transformers on mine.

marinelife94061d ago

You're the first person I've heard in real life or e-life that owns a Zune. Congratulations!

BIadestarX4061d ago

buy... it must be easy to be a Microsoft hater... Don't you guys find it a little strange that no matter what's released as long as it comes from Microsoft you hate it? Everything they do is garbage in your eyes... it's also interesting how you forget that real people actually work there... you seem to believe that Microsoft (bill gates) works on all the products and therefore everything sucks. This is why I hate Sony fanboys and idiots like CRIMS0N_W0LF, Bill Gates, etc. I don't like Sony but it would be very ignorant of me to believe that every product from Sony must suck because it comes from Sony... just because I had bad experience with the PS1 (replaced 2 times), PS2 (drive errors.. replace 3 times).. digital camera... etc. Different people work on different projects...
Kind of sick how some of you really make a company like if it was 1 person.. and you develop a hate.... and then make insulting comments like, "Now go suck Bill Gates D1CK Shall you? and rid us of your stupidity." just because someone does not share the same hate or have a preference to another product... this is a patern I noticed with most Sony fanboys and linux nerds wanna be. Let people decide the product they want.. and the opinion they have based on their experience...

"You're the first person I've heard in real life or e-life that owns a Zune. Congratulations!" question... did you know that Zune is the 2-3rd in terms of marketshares after the ipod and came out less than 1 year ago? what does that tell us about you? I think you should be the one being congratulated...

"Software of Zune is Microsoft thus having bugs and errors 100%." ohh look.. you have an opinion.. you expect people to respect it.. yet you don't respect the right that others have to pick what they want.
Question b!tch (I will talk to you based on the same level of respect you give others)... "Software of Zune is Microsoft thus having bugs and errors 100%." do you own a Zune? how would you know this? I own 2 Ipod, a motorola, and 1 Zune... what you say is bull... what bugs? can you describe them? Though the Zune is not perfect like.. it does not let you record FM radio.. and should have more uses for the wireless capabilities.. bit does offer a lot more featurse than the Ipod.. and the pay a fee and eat all you want option makes it my choice when it comes to music... I use my Ipod video for movies I can download off itunes (prison break!)... too bad when it comes to movies the itunes is better.. because the zune has a bigger and better screen... also FM is integrated in the Zune...
@#$(& anti-microsoft haters... the only reason why they hate this is just because it has the microsoft logo.. regarless of the number of people that worked hard to make it or how great the product is... the same hate they have for the xbox 360... they have 0 credibility and should be hated with passion... seriously. as much as the talibans.. lol.. well maybe not that much.

Kholinar4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I agree that people jump on this too quickly. Though the original zune was a marketing nightmare, it did have some good features. It's hard though. There were a lot of other players with as many features (like iriver, etc.). Competing with Apple requires an approach that's more than just addition of features.

"question... did you know that Zune is the 2-3rd in terms of marketshares after the ipod and came out less than 1 year ago? what does that tell us about you? I think you should be the one being congratulated..."

Got any current numbers? The only ones I've found were either hd based or showed the zune's #3 (shipped) numbers in a .3% lead over creative, which is statistically within the margin of error. Anyway, regardless of placing they're not doing anything to threaten even a percent of apple's (over 80%) marketshare and larger mindshare. I'd love to think that the zune 2 will do better. Some competition might help apple improve even more.

What seems a little unsettling is ms's choice to just ignore everything about it's competition.

Btw... it is easy to be a microsoft hater, but that's only microsoft's fault. Apple asks for discontent on occasion, but microsoft's been making a business of it for almost 20 years.

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riksweeney4061d ago

Does the Zune has Gapless Playback?

No? Oh well, looks like I'll stick to my ageing iRiver with Rockbox...

FordGTGuy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Lossless Audio in the specs dumbass.

Lossless Audio = Gapless Playback. get over it.

ShadoWulf4060d ago

That doesn't mean gapless playback. And no, it does not. That's one of the only things Zune owners have asked to have and Microsoft hasn't delivered.

riksweeney4059d ago

Congratulations, you're officially a moron

JosefTor4061d ago

I actually can't believe that bladestar is getting disagrees. It is weird that people are so against certain companies. I can see people not liking a product line but it is rediculous that it carries over to the whole brand. Take me for instance... I'm not too big a fan of the PS3 but I love their cameras, cell phones, and walkmans.

Both Microsoft and Apple both have their flaws and both overcharge and have set some bad precedents at some point. I don't think Ipod are flawless (I own a nano)... I personally know people on their 4th Ipod because their other Ipods broke.

Sorry but I just hate generalized comments that are useless. It is good that Zune 2 has come out. We should all hope the Zune, the Zen, and whatever other listening device is able to make a dent on Apple's marketshare. We need competition so that prices are driven down.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4061d ago

the hdd space is the only compliant i have about my zune. i like the software, i download a lot of music so paying a monthly fee instead of per album saves me lots of money. also if you don't download a ton of tunes you can pay per song or album if you want, the monthly fee is optional.

the zune has a bigger screen, no annoying wheel, and there is no conversion so uploading is faster.

i will defiantly consider buying one of these new zunes.