Dragon Age 2 Sneaks SecuROM into your PC

Publishers of Dragon Age 2, Electronic Arts managed to land themselves with some bad PR today when a consumer rights group has detected their game disc installing the notorious SecuROM, an intrusive DRM software hated many many PC gamers.

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DigitalHorror812596d ago

That's just plain dirty. (Shakes head)

evrfighter2596d ago

sweeeeeeeeet glad i didn't buy it.

Now I'll go out of my way to make sure I play this game for free.

teething2596d ago

and it is people like you who make developers create invasive DRM.

egidem2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Oh god, EA and Bioware have been getting their share of bad luck and karma happening to them these past days...Bioware's Dragon Age 2 turned out good, but not good enough, they banned a player off the forums and he discovers that he can't even access the game he purchased...and now this????

Not to mention that PC gamers HATE HATE HAATE SecuROM with a passion. This is taking it down a road that I think is not good for them. I think it's a bit too far this time.

DigitalHorror812596d ago

Nothin' says lovin' like BAD PR. Serves them right for doing this. Funny how DRM only hurts the paying supporters of a product, while the hacked copies are usually better--and free.

Kon2596d ago

These are times when piracy comes in hand.

Lirky2596d ago

If ppl feel the need to they will.

HolyOrangeCows2596d ago

Less content, more cutscenes, more tedious combat, silencing criticism.....and now SecuROM? Like I needed another reason not to get the game.

Forget it, EAware. I'm not supporting this game.

Motorola2596d ago

SecuROM SUCKS. I couldnt play GTA 4 for a while because of that CRAPOLA. Why would you use it if it prevents anyone from playing? Stupid decision EA/Bioware

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