Sony is recruiting hackers?

PSX-Sense Writes: "Something we wouldn't expect from Sony; they are recruiting hackers for a job at SCEA. A hacker named Koush got an e-mail, which is 100% real, from Sarah McRae which works onsite at the Talent Acquisition department. He had been asked for a job at the R&D Departmen at Sony, we're sure KaKaRoToKS isn't the only hacker which has been contacted by Sony. As a proof Koushposted a screenshot of the e-mail."

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a_bro2632d ago

there you go Hackers, this is what you wanted, right?

Izanagi-no-Okami2632d ago

Not sure if this is what they wanted.

Tony-Red-Grave2632d ago

i think its because through all this whats his face didnt go oiut trying to get as much attention as possible like geohot

Heartnet2632d ago

They cant want it that much if he turned it down becuz of geohot :L

inveni02631d ago

Any hacker stupid enough to respond to something like this deserves to be sued/arrested/whatever. If anything, they're just attempting to confirm identity.

MintBerryCrunch2631d ago

sued, arrested?

dumbass logic is too easy

the guy hasnt openly stated any bad will towards sony like the guy who had his house do you think the worlds biggest banks around the world protect their investments...some find hackers to secure their software systems...its as though hackers can do no right with N4G

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JLeVRT2632d ago

I dont know about this...

ExplosionSauce2632d ago

Probably better to have hackers put their talent to good use.

SlyFoxC2632d ago

LMAO!! (just got a bubble from me!)

SoapShoes2632d ago

Now they'll have money to afford games!

snaz272632d ago

Lol thought i'd post this here, as it seems appropriate somehow! Lmao... I'm sorry if what i'm about to say is common knowledge but i do quite a bit of reading on the net extra and i've never seen it before today, so please excuse my ignorance if it's already known... Anyway omg just found out how to DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDS! using only the ps3 browser! And in HD NO LESS! lol... Anyone interested to know how? Lmao... Or am i an evil pirate? Ha ha. I'm blown away by this to be honest! But i bet you all already know about it lol.

hiredhelp2632d ago

This is the best move Sony has made. Should made this move soon as it was hacked with JB, these hackers sent daft they eat and sleep this stuff.
Sony can learn more than they know now fight crime with a criminal mind.

xAlmostPro2632d ago

I reckon it was KaKaRoToKS that helped sony with the latest get around ;)

syanara2631d ago

This is the best decision ive seen from sony about the Hacking problem yet. Hackers tend to be the best defense you can have against other hackers If sony can hire them then Sony has a better shot at protecting against piracy

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hellzsupernova2632d ago

i still highly doubt this they could've hacked their email right? lol. i bet geohot doesnt get one :P

ugabugaz2632d ago

If you can't beat them, Join them! Although Sony did beat them, so it's kind of odd. Hmm. Not too sure how legit this email is. It would be quite easy to make this screencap.

Renewman2632d ago

that would explain why Kakarot is backing down from hacking 3.56. You don't get sued, don't go bankrupt, and you get to use your skills on Sony's payroll and possibly see the development of the PS4 and NGP and you had something to do with it? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

peowpeow2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

He declined though, I would've taken that job offer in the blink of an eye :P

KwietStorm2632d ago

That's the difference between you (and people who think like you) and hackers. They would rather "fight for the greater good" and go against authority for the fuck of it, rather than to put their obvious talents to some kind of credible use. They could potentially put money in their family's pockets and secure their entire future, but that's not even on their radar. Sad really.

Biggest2632d ago

This is just a farce hoping to convince easily convinced people that the hacker that said he'll stop at 3.55 had extra incentive to stop. I'm no where near a hacker and I've been able to make extremely convincing screen captures of many things. I can remember getting my first apartment, with the WORST credit known to man, thanks to my official bank statement saying that I had $27,000 in savings. Sony isn't hiring hackers because they're hackers. However, I'm sure they'll hire one without knowing they're one if they haven't already.

NewMonday2632d ago

Didn’t GeoHot ask Sony to contact him to work on their security?

ElementX2632d ago

Thing about suing is, you can sue for $100,000 in damages but if the defendant doesn't have it, you don't get it. Going bankrupt is a minor issue, it affects your credit for about 7 years

Renewman2632d ago

At age 21 or younger, that's a huge factor on establishing any kind of credit for anything you need such as a car, house, apartment, etc. It's not an end-all-be-all, but it makes life very difficult.

christoph2032632d ago

woa this guy is an idiot to turn down a job just because geohot didn't get one, once in a life opurtunity.

princeofthabay2632d ago

and i bet they don't know each other personally

blahblah2632d ago

just what is so special on working for large corporation and being easy replaceable drone with number instead of name?

GodofSackboy2631d ago

Dude, this is a trap by Sony. They want him to ring Sony so they can record the call and get evidence of his identity. Valve tried to do exactly the same thing to the guy who leaked Half Life 2.

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