Sony NGP Is Affordable For Everyone

Customers have been waiting with anticipation to hear the price of the Sony NGP since the announcement of its launch. For most Sony gaming systems, high cost is a prohibitive factor that has kept many customers from purchasing their products. However, that is all about to change with the introduction of the NGP.

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BiggCMan2634d ago

I'll be getting it anyway because its just too damn good to pass up, especially since I missed on all the great games on PSP. Still waiting for a confirmed price, but I think 300 is great.

darthv722634d ago

it was the full list of specs which as of now still missing the amount of memory and internal storage. Speculation has it somewhere at 512mb ram with development units at 1gb of ram.

just want to know for my own peace of mind.

sikbeta2634d ago

I want it now! if it's affordable for everyone, that means saving money for this precious thing and buying day one...

Electroshocked2633d ago

The only game I enjoyed on the PSP was Free Running, that was an awesome game. But I am definitely getting the NGP to, you know, with the graphics, trophies and awesome features and all.

DaTruth2633d ago

I hope it has a gig of XDR ram on top of what we already know! Then we could have Crysis level game worlds and physics(not graphics) even if it has to be on a 540p screen!

The most impressive thing about Crysis for me wasn't the graphics, it was having draw distances so far, they are outside of your field of vision and areas that exist even when you are nowhere near them!

superadvanced2633d ago

lol do u know how much power XDR uses? its going to use lpddr2 or 3.

hamburger1232633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

People buy the Ipad without whining but a psp2 for 400?

No sir.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2634d ago

Man that's why i chose Sony as my facourite console maker.

HolyOrangeCows2634d ago

"Affordable For Everyone"?? Awesome!!! much is that?

DigitalHorror812633d ago

$299, hopefully. I've been touting this for the last month and a half. I hope I'm right. :o) Couple that with a game and I'm almost pushing 400 after tax.

2633d ago
Theonik2633d ago

...who owns an airline!

b163o12633d ago

Trophies on the go? Now I can take my addiction on the go. SOLD!!!

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soren2634d ago

not a bad price just hope it aint over run the crappy shooters

Iroquois_Pliskin2634d ago

Sorry your too late for that... Activision's probably planning to release Call Of Duty: Mini Ops

plb2634d ago

It's already confirmed that COD is going to NGP..whether it's called mini ops however I have no idea lol

stuntman_mike2634d ago

Black mini ops:

you drive around in a black mini cooper and complete various mundane tasks associated with war of some kind.

CobraKai2633d ago

That's sounds too innovative for Activision.

Renewman2634d ago

As long as Sony can keep the NGP between $250-350, the NGP will sell quite well.

DigitalHorror812633d ago

Agreed. 299 is the magic number for me. It will allow me to buy a game at launch!

Projekt7tuning2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I'm down for $250. But I know I'll still buy it for $299 lol.

CobraKai2633d ago

Same. $250 is the price point that I feel would be perfect in terms of hitting that critical mass, but $299 is still very good for what NGP is offering.

CobraKai2633d ago

Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy!

Projekt7tuning2632d ago

I haven't seen the new one. Did they leave that line in there? also have you watched the video "Sweep the leg"?

Bubble for you. lol

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Stealth20k2634d ago

its going to be 299 for the base model like gamestop has it at

BubbleSniper2634d ago

getting most expensive version.

early adopt for this has got to be a win...

kaveti66162634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Early adopters never win. EVER.

Some people will brag about having a couple more USB ports on their launch PS3s, though.

Edit: No doubt I will be envious of those who get it early. But I all history tells me not to be an early adopter.

There are people saying they'll buy the next Xbox day one. Idiots.

BubbleSniper2634d ago

i dunno, tho. i liked brag about having nice shiny console, card readers, usb ports, backward compatible

think you get idea, lol... n'yeah, usually wait for stable batch of hardware before purchase...

but NPG an exception for me, just like iphone1 was...

Ddouble2633d ago

Not just extra couple ports but backwards compatibility as well.

For the NGP the only reason i can see for not being an early adopter is that there would probably be a slim version down the line.

DaTruth2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I would like to brag about those things, but early adopter YLOD makes them a moot point!

But those things were awesome while they lasted!

DigitalHorror812633d ago

Well, I'm going to get an extended warranty on it for a year or two. I'll be home free if it takes a crap on me.

jidery2633d ago

My early adapted PS3 is still running strong, and my launch PS2 is still running strong.

Rageanitus2633d ago

wrong the ps3 was a fantastic price when it lauched.

It was the most cost effective device that took full advantage of your hdtv

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