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Sony NGP Is Affordable For Everyone

Customers have been waiting with anticipation to hear the price of the Sony NGP since the announcement of its launch. For most Sony gaming systems, high cost is a prohibitive factor that has kept many customers from purchasing their products. However, that is all about to change with the introduction of the NGP. (Dev, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PSP)

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enkeixpress  +   1577d ago
Good to know. :)
BiggCMan  +   1577d ago
I'll be getting it anyway because its just too damn good to pass up, especially since I missed on all the great games on PSP. Still waiting for a confirmed price, but I think 300 is great.
darthv72  +   1577d ago
price isnt what I have been anticipating...
it was the full list of specs which as of now still missing the amount of memory and internal storage. Speculation has it somewhere at 512mb ram with development units at 1gb of ram.

just want to know for my own peace of mind.
sikbeta  +   1577d ago
I want it now! if it's affordable for everyone, that means saving money for this precious thing and buying day one...
Electroshocked  +   1577d ago
The only game I enjoyed on the PSP was Free Running, that was an awesome game. But I am definitely getting the NGP to, you know, with the graphics, trophies and awesome features and all.
DaTruth  +   1577d ago
I hope it has a gig of XDR ram on top of what we already know! Then we could have Crysis level game worlds and physics(not graphics) even if it has to be on a 540p screen!

The most impressive thing about Crysis for me wasn't the graphics, it was having draw distances so far, they are outside of your field of vision and areas that exist even when you are nowhere near them!
superadvanced  +   1577d ago
lol do u know how much power XDR uses? its going to use lpddr2 or 3.
hamburger123  +   1576d ago
People buy the Ipad without whining but a psp2 for 400?

No sir.
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Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1577d ago
Man that's why i chose Sony as my facourite console maker.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1577d ago
"Affordable For Everyone"?? Awesome!!!

.....how much is that?
DigitalHorror81  +   1577d ago
$299, hopefully. I've been touting this for the last month and a half. I hope I'm right. :o) Couple that with a game and I'm almost pushing 400 after tax.
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Theonik  +   1577d ago
...who owns an airline!
b163o1  +   1576d ago
Trophies on the go? Now I can take my addiction on the go. SOLD!!!
soren  +   1577d ago
not a bad price just hope it aint over run the crappy shooters
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1577d ago
Sorry your too late for that... Activision's probably planning to release Call Of Duty: Mini Ops
plb  +   1577d ago
It's already confirmed that COD is going to NGP..whether it's called mini ops however I have no idea lol
stuntman_mike  +   1577d ago
Black mini ops:

you drive around in a black mini cooper and complete various mundane tasks associated with war of some kind.
CobraKai  +   1577d ago
@ stuntman
That's sounds too innovative for Activision.
Renewman  +   1577d ago
As long as Sony can keep the NGP between $250-350, the NGP will sell quite well.
DigitalHorror81  +   1577d ago
Agreed. 299 is the magic number for me. It will allow me to buy a game at launch!
Projekt7tuning  +   1577d ago
I'm down for $250. But I know I'll still buy it for $299 lol.
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CobraKai  +   1577d ago
Same. $250 is the price point that I feel would be perfect in terms of hitting that critical mass, but $299 is still very good for what NGP is offering.
Projekt7tuning  +   1577d ago
"Sweep the Leg Johnny"

CobraKai  +   1576d ago
Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy!
Projekt7tuning  +   1576d ago
I haven't seen the new one. Did they leave that line in there? also have you watched the video "Sweep the leg"?

Bubble for you. lol
Stealth20k  +   1577d ago
its going to be 299 for the base model like gamestop has it at
BubbleSniper  +   1577d ago
getting most expensive version.

early adopt for this has got to be a win...
kaveti6616  +   1577d ago
Early adopters never win. EVER.

Some people will brag about having a couple more USB ports on their launch PS3s, though.

Edit: No doubt I will be envious of those who get it early. But I all history tells me not to be an early adopter.

There are people saying they'll buy the next Xbox day one. Idiots.
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BubbleSniper  +   1577d ago
i dunno, tho. i liked brag about having nice shiny console, card readers, usb ports, backward compatible

think you get idea, lol... n'yeah, usually wait for stable batch of hardware before purchase...

but NPG an exception for me, just like iphone1 was...
Ddouble  +   1577d ago
Not just extra couple ports but backwards compatibility as well.

For the NGP the only reason i can see for not being an early adopter is that there would probably be a slim version down the line.
DaTruth  +   1577d ago
I would like to brag about those things, but early adopter YLOD makes them a moot point!

But those things were awesome while they lasted!
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DigitalHorror81  +   1577d ago
Well, I'm going to get an extended warranty on it for a year or two. I'll be home free if it takes a crap on me.
jidery  +   1577d ago
My early adapted PS3 is still running strong, and my launch PS2 is still running strong.
Rageanitus  +   1576d ago
wrong the ps3 was a fantastic price when it lauched.

It was the most cost effective device that took full advantage of your hdtv
HungryGoku   1577d ago | Bad language | show
Arkhamz  +   1577d ago
Definitely getting the 3ds but I'm slowly getting swayed
jony_dols  +   1577d ago
How the hell could you not be swayed?

The NGP is an amazing piece of tech, with what is shaping up to be, an incredible set of launch titles.

Uncharted alone nearly makes the NGP a day one buy.
Arkhamz  +   1577d ago
Judging from that comment and the disagrees, seems people on this site can't take conflicting opinions. It's " an amazing piece of tech" but the games on it aren't really my cup of tea.
jony_dols  +   1577d ago
I never disagreed with your comment,

(I myself will probably buy a 3DS first and then move onto a NGP sometime next year)

But the NGP took me totally by surprise in January, and now I'm anticipating its launch (even) more than the 3DS's...

Both consoles have great lineups for handhelds,
gamers on-the-go are spoilt for choice.

I'll be booking transatlantic flights, just to find excuses to play it for 7 or 8 hours.
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shadow2797  +   1577d ago
How do you know what games are going to be on it? All we have now are promises of Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, Call of Duty, and a few others. We don't know launch titles, and we certainly don't know all or probably most of the games set to release in the first few months.

Unless you're generalizing because you prefer Nintendo's games to Sony's. That I could understand. Though, the 3DS's launch lineup looks really, really weak.
jony_dols  +   1576d ago

I think that this NGP gameplay trailer means that these games are more than just 'promises'


Most of these games,(with maybe the exception of Killzone),will be initial launch titles (or released in the months following the NGP's launch).

Hot Shots and Wipeout were initial launch PSP titles. While Resistance & Uncharted were also released as early PS3 titles. The smaller indie titles (Little Deviants ect.) still have a year of development time till the supposed Winter/Spring launch next year, so I think it's fair to say that these will be launch titles as well (just like Mercury & Lumines were also launch PSP titles).

The 3DS's initial launch lineup isn't very good, but the device is going to receive a slew of AAA titles in summer this year (Zelda, Kid Icarus & Resident Evil Mercs to name a few) which more than make up for the launches deficiencies.
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wingman32x  +   1577d ago
I've said in many articles here that I'm getting both, and I am. 3DS will still be my "lead" handheld, but the NGP looks awesome too.
strickers  +   1577d ago
Played the 3DS yesterday and I'm now convinced the NGP wll be better.The 3D is a gimmick,it works,but still a gimmick.The Analogue nub is excellent and much better than the PSP one but too little,too late.The NGP has sticks that apparently feel like a Dualshock(Edge,PSM3,IGNetc claim this).

The rest of the 3DS feels like a DS with little evolution and contrary to Edge's misguided opinion the d-pad etc is average,the touch screen looks tiny now and old.
Take away the 3D and it almost feels outdated as it just arrives.

I'm not against the 3DS and I want it to sell well.I support games systems over all the iPad nonsense but I'm convinced(with the right software support)the NGP will be superior this time.
jony_dols  +   1577d ago
It's a Nintendo handheld,

they could just sell a make up mirror with an analogue nub sellotaped on, and it would still sell billions.

All they need is a couple of 'celerities' to flaunt their gear....(thinks about the Ant & Dec ads *shudders*)

Nah but in all honesty, at least the games on the 3DS are catering to both the casual and the hardcore.

Snake Eater & Resident Evil 3D are 2 great reasons to buy it.
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damnyouretall  +   1577d ago
ive heard a rumour that it will start around $279. would be nice huh
stuntman_mike  +   1577d ago
charlie sheen says: "WINNING"
ElementX  +   1577d ago
I dunno, I've sort of fallen away from portable gaming. I had the DSi for a while (still do), but I haven't touched it in ages. I used to own a PSP, played it for a while, sold it. Then I got another good deal on a used one go I bought it again, after a few months it just collected dust. I can see buying a portable if you're a student or taking a train to work or something, but I have my PS3 and 360 at home and that's all I need. When I do travel, I like to read books.
TheDivine  +   1577d ago
Affordable is 200-250 MAX. Its a souped up psp. I wish it didnt have touch pads and cameras if it makes it cost 350-400. I really want it but the graphics are not worth more than a ps3. Pay more for less quality? No thanx. 250 and under is well worth it.
Just_The_Truth  +   1577d ago
If you want a psp get one now for only $130 but if you want a product that will be relevant in ten years stop complaining and save your pennies you have an entire year it's a hundred dollars every 4 months or 25 dollars a month. Where would gaming be if sony took the cheap way out? no blu-ray, paid online, no hdmi, no exchangeable HDD's, controllers with AA batteries, and maybe even a power brick. No offense but beggars can't be chooser.
shadow2797  +   1577d ago
You're paying for portability. It's the same reason laptops are more expensive than similarly powered desktop computers.

That said, I'll probably wait until it's in that price range to buy it, but that doesn't mean it's not worth more than that.
DFresh  +   1577d ago
I won't be buying one until it reaches $199 price point.
SandWitch  +   1577d ago
I'll definitely get one if it's only $300. Just don't know the day one or a bit later
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ShinFuYux  +   1577d ago
January 2012?

Alright...so in 10 months we'll see it... I guess that's a good thing, we can see a larger list of launch titles.
Richard_Hammond  +   1577d ago
I just damn hope that it launches before im going to army
GodofSackboy  +   1577d ago
Holy crap, you're joining the army? What about TopGear? We'll just have James and Jeremy? They'll have no short person to pick on!! =(
ShinFuYux  +   1577d ago
Richard, you better be careful and stay away from the mexicans when you're in the army. Surely they're still pissed at you~
CaptainPunch  +   1577d ago
Getting an NGP day one. Hopefully there are games to play at launch.
Ddouble  +   1577d ago
I will be getting one day 1. I'm already hyped for it now so you can imagine how much information we would know by the time it's going to be released.
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Shawtymann  +   1577d ago
I'll be getting it after the first price drop, or when a slimmer model drops. Just like I did with the PSP 2000
InLaLaLand  +   1577d ago
I agree and I probably do the same unless they release Yakuza as a launch game (I want Yakuza on the go but I doubt Black Panther releasing here due to PSP software sales). I also want to know about the memory for the NGP, is it internal (how much gb) or external?
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rezzah  +   1577d ago
Hopefully itll be 300
Kush  +   1577d ago
There are two things that will occur with the NGP:

1. It actually is affordable and Sony takes a significant hit in order to build a solid base.

2. They will choose to take less of a hit and the NGP will be relatively expensive.

I would put my money on #2 based on past experiences alone. Either way, I would wait for the second iteration before buying.
therapist  +   1577d ago
it will be $249.99

i am almost sure

it has to be less than the ps3 or parents will never buy it

i'll get one a few months, maybe 6 after its out to see what kinda games are out, usually i am an early adopter, but not with handhelds
buckley  +   1577d ago
It's worth it at $299.99 IMO. It's not going to keep me from getting a 3DS, but it'll make sure I end up with both.
Neko_Mega  +   1577d ago
$50 bucks to start a preorder at GameStop, I'm going to do that....Well as soon as Sony stop having games I want and my 360 stops making me want to get Gears 3 right away.
BlueEye  +   1577d ago
It better be. I have been struggling with getting a regular PSP for years.
Masterchef2007  +   1577d ago
299€ is an excellent price for such an incredible device. Nintendo is going to loose some market share because the NGP will be priced so close to the 3DS. By no means they wont sell the most they will because of the hardcore nintendo fans.
offdawall  +   1576d ago
already pre ordered .... want this baby for christmas
TacoBurrito  +   1576d ago
how is 299.99 AFFORDABLE? Hey Sony get your heads out of your addes
Jihaad_cpt  +   1576d ago
obviously not for poor people... that is not expensive for what you get though
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Jihaad_cpt  +   1576d ago
I bet you could rule the world with that bad boy
citan  +   1576d ago
I know people who earn an equivalent of 300 euros so "everyone" is an overstatement but that's a good news.
Shani  +   1576d ago
I m sure that it will b affordable for everyone.
It would sure to give ngp much better advantage.
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