Conan review: another God of War?

Do you like games with gore and blood? Slicing enemies like raw meat? Than this game is fun for sure! Conan, the barbarian, gives you everything you missed in Prince of Persia, more action than Ninja Gaiden and a better camera system than God of War! The game that provides a 100 different kind of moves, giving you more ways to kill your opponent! This game is a killer.

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Alcohog3397d ago

This game looks so bad!

gnosis3397d ago

Is this is the PS3 version, or is this the MMORPG for 360 / PC.

And yeah, it looks bad. :)

happygamer3397d ago

guessing its 360 sense its from

SimmoUK3397d ago

Don't ever compare this with the mighty god of war, or with a game thats is Playstation only not multi plat...

Charlie26883397d ago

Why do they have the exact same scoring system as IGN?

Its a copy, paste sort of thing O.o

Pete_Approved3397d ago

gheghe, yah, my bad. Already changed it. I used it for comparison. Didn`t change it afterwards. Thanks for noticing!

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The story is too old to be commented.