No Sony Conference Next Week

Sony Europe has categorically denied to Eurogamer that it has a press conference scheduled for next week. Rumours erupted yesterday that the platform holder had a "Big Bang" meeting planned for next Friday, which speculation suggested could be about a new 40GB PS3 model.

However, a spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer it has not announced anything and has nothing of the sort planned.

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nanometric3825d ago

Grrrrrrr, I'm 3 minutes late! First come, first serve I guess :D

Omegasyde3825d ago

Actually your on time. Sony Europe is the ones that are late to catch the news and are always behind in the times.

I.E. PSN demo's, Ps3 games, and don't forget the PS3 itself.

They probably just found out yesterday. I guess they don't check their email's everyday (Internet lag?) ;)

*To the guys across the pond, I feel for you. Atleast you will get Wipeout HD before the N.Americans and the PS3TV.

achira3825d ago

wow, its unbelievable. who spreads this rumours ? ok i know who.

xhi43825d ago

I don't get it...who? Surely your not talking about Sony?

BIadestarX3825d ago

achira is refering to.............. MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The evil comporporation that's trying to take over the world!
ohh crap! I forgot to walk the dog this morning and the dog poop in the middle of my living room... Microsoft's fault!

dantesparda3825d ago

great post guys, i was like "who?" too, and i thought Sony too, and then Bladestar is like, "MICROSFT!!!". And that was too funny, i feel stupid for not realizing that, right away.

Counter_ACT3825d ago

No one said there would be a conference, there's meant to be an announcement.

Lumbo3825d ago

And as usual Sony Europe PR branch gets the memo last ;)

mesh13825d ago

hahah ps3 fanboys got ownend no announcement like we all knew hahaha

sfinXters3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

If you would have any knowledge of how the industry works, you would know that they always deny everything 'till the last moment.

SL1M DADDY3825d ago

This is what most companies do. The rumor was always just that however, a rumor. I guess until Friday we will not know for certain. There seems to be too much behind this one though to let it slide under the carpet.

eXplotion3825d ago

the $399 PS3 is coming this month thats all we want..

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The story is too old to be commented.