No Grand Theft Auto IV until spring, confirms Rockstar

Jolt reports: "Seemingly ignoring plain old facts, rumours built this week that Rockstar was preparing to launch Grand Theft Auto IV upon the world later this month. Before we go any further, we should probably point out that it isn't true".

As reported by Spong, fans leapt upon the fact that GTA IV was listed for release in "October 2007" on the UK's PlayStation website - though the whole thing was a mistake.

"It's coming out in Spring next year," Rockstar has told the website in simple terms.

Spring it is, then.

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PimpHandHappy4089d ago

cool with me

im a PS3 owner so im good at waiting!

sticky doja4089d ago

No s*** Sherlock. Anyone who thought it was commin out in October is off their rockers.

rbanke4089d ago

Good thing we now know what we allready knew.

Shadow Flare4089d ago

just like Sony with the ps3 price-cut, if sony and rockstar have some deal going on with GTA IV, they're not gonna say anything about it are they?

I think its safe to assume, if you look at it logically, that Sony had something to do with the GTA IV delay. With Halo 3 and GTA IV releasing within a month, that is very damaging to the ps3 because most consumers would opt for the cheaper console, and the console that has Halo 3 AND GTA IV on it.

But IF sony did have something to do with this (my conspirecy theory) then i believe GTA IV may never have been delayed.

Sony may have struck a deal with Rockstar to make a fake delay announcement for GTA IV. And everyone then stops thinking about GTA IV so much. However now Halo 3 hype has died down, some serious hype for the £300/ $400 (frickin big price-cut) 40gb ps3 is about to kick in. So for Sony, this would be the perfect time for Rockstar to say, 'Hey, it was never delayed'. Alot more consumers would then opt for the cheaper ps3 rather then the HaloBox 360.

This is really stretching it but it may be possible that Sony has found a way for Rockstar to release GTA IV on the ps3 first

It's only a theory. But Rockstar owes sony one. And i think it's quite plausable

bluhefner4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

IGN previewed GTA 4 they dissed the game bad, saying the framerate was horrendous, textures were bad and it really did look unfinished and questioned whether it would come out on time. Also dont forget they have to fit this on a DVD-9 and I hear MS has a new compression program for 2008. So i think the delay is true. But your theory doesn't sound too outta the park either so i guess we'll just hafta wait and see.

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