Uncharted: PS3's Latest Hero Has Golden Touch

GamesRadar writes:
"While some games take forever to reveal their secrets, Uncharted is happy to give us a guided tour of its own mysterious island, complete with thick jungle, hostile inhabitants, strange monuments and skeletons of previous visitors. All that's missing is a polar bear, though we wouldn't rule out seeing one of those at some point either. That's not to say the game is short on mystery - it's storyline packs loads of intrigue, while simultaneously serving up a muscular, fast-paced action romp in the style of Indiana Jones."

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MK_Red3611d ago

Naughty Dog is the only studio whose every single game has been a masterpiece so far. Hope their new game is like their previous ones and Drake becomes a famous here like Jak and Crash (And a bigger and more realistic one).

mighty_douche3611d ago

after everything we've seen/read on this game so far there isnt a single thing that im worried about.

the developers have allowed people to play early builds and ACTUALLY listen to what the player said and have tried to correct anything they can. Drakes gonna rock!

TeaDouble_E3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

I just hope this game not short, at least make it longer than Gears.

Fighter3611d ago

After seeing that game play demo with updated graphics I'm quite sure 'Drake's Fortune" will be a AAA title.

Sevir043611d ago

Insomniac Games every last one of them from spyro on ps1 all the way up to the last PS3 project has been in the top rating games and Resistance is a system seller. has sold 3.5 million to date could be even more now due to the PS3's install base being at 5.5 million. if it has that much then it's a serious system seller. and ratchet and clank Future will be no different.

THX71683611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Naughty Dog
Sucker Punch

These 3 developers have a close relationship with each other and all 3 bring out some of the best titles ever. All 3 are also exclusive and loyal to Sony.

lawman11083610d ago

Come on, lay some odds............hahahahahahha

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SL1M DADDY3611d ago

I don't think I can make my request any more simple. This game will be a great experience as we all know ND has never let the gamers down. Maybe Drake will become the next Lara for the PS systems but without Eidos to mess it up. I can only hope that time passes fast so I can get my hands on this title.

felidae3611d ago

Isn't it that game that looks like a Indiana Jones movie?


Relientk773611d ago

this game has incredible gameplay i cant wait to get this game ...

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