Toshiba pushes PS3 chip to TV makers

Toshiba has developed a common platform for consumer electronics products that it hopes will help spur adoption of the PlayStation 3's (PS3's) Cell processor by electronics makers. Toshiba's goal is to lower development costs for electronics makers and give consumers a consistent user interface. The company also wants to spur adoption of the Cell processor by electronics makers, although the chip is not required to use OCMP.

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moat1233797d ago

key word "Push" , sounds like they have taking a page out of the Sony book

fredy3797d ago

"Toshiba pushes PS3 chip to TV makers"


jlytle12343797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

the cell proccessor is being tested in tons of stuff and its very efficent. IBM loves the cell.
its funny how toshiba and sony helped develop the cell, but fight over bluray and hddvd.

Luck_y_Penny3796d ago

i agree with the guy above me.

Shaka2K63796d ago

Oh man the graphics and power the fun.