Top Ten Most Anticipated Downloadable Titles

The downloadable games scene on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and, to a lesser extent, WiiWare has given smaller developers an outlet to experiment with creative ideas this console generation.

With the pressure of multimillion dollar budgets and retail shelf space off, innovation can flourish, which we've seen with titles such as Flower, Limbo, and PixelJunk Eden.

After playing some of the newly released PixelJunk Shooter 2, it felt like an appropriate time to look ahead at what's coming on these notoriously hard to predict, digital platforms. Without further ado, our most anticipated downloadable games, in alphabetical order.

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mephman2416d ago

From Dust looks immense, can't wait to sink my claws into that bad boy.

2415d ago
tweex2416d ago

Journey and Ms. Splosion Man...nuff said!

Hardedge2416d ago

Loved the first Trine, can't wait for the second.

fozzness2415d ago

Fez has been talked about for such a long time. Perhaps finally they'll release it!! PLEASE GOD RELEASE FEZ!!! ;A;

JDouglasGU2415d ago

yeah i really want to try Fez.

Hardedge2415d ago

Fez looks pretty interesting indeed.

OllieBoy2415d ago

They forgot Stranger's Wrath HD.

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