40GB PS3 - On Sale Next Week

Gameplayer has got wind from local Aussie retailers that the 40GB PS3 will be on sale next week, at an attractive price point, too.

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damnwrx3911d ago

1. Is it backward compatible
2. Is it Wi-Fi
3. will it play regular DVD's

secret3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Take a look at this video and laugh...

lawman11083911d ago

Backwards ps2 games run on this at download.....nothing That is why I bought a 60gb PS3 it has the hardwear built in for old games.

resistance1003911d ago

considering the fact its wifi options were tested with the FCC it will have wifi built in

Meus Renaissance3911d ago

Backward Compatibility, although not as extensive or effective, can be run by software emulation. The North American consoles use hardware emulation but just because this new SKU will not have it, e.g. like the European consoles, does not mean it won't have BC.

It will. My console runs on software emulation and I can play PS2 games on it. Why wouldn't Sony do the same for the new SKU?

Salvadore3911d ago

Does Sony regularly update their BC list?

EZCheez3911d ago

They'd better get started. When these puppies start rolling out everyone will want one. Hell, I'm getting my wife her own.

lawman11083911d ago

That is how they can sell it at this price. Not as many USB ports also.

SlappingOysters3911d ago

There are only 2 USB ports on this new PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.