New game releases for week of March 13, 2011 (US)

A variety of new retail game releases arrive this week, including the anticipated Homefront, Yakuza 4, Okamiden and more. Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition is restocked after Nintendo completely sold out of its original production run. See pre-order deals noted for additional savings and bonus content. The best pre-order deal goes to OnLive’s on-demand game release of Homefront, where you can get a free OnLive MicroConsole ($99 value) and Metro 2033 game for pre-ordering (while it lasts!).

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insomnium22631d ago

Homefront might be a purchase and Y4 WILL be a purchase. Good week.

HebrewHammer2631d ago

Warriors: Legends of Troy has been M.I.A for 2 weeks now. Cmon!