Final Fantasy Tactics Gets 9.5 from PSM

PSM calls it "Quite simply, A Gaming Masterpiece".

Final Fantasy Tactics:The War of the Lions is not simply a portable version, however: its a fully remade iteration of the original game, and it is one of the few PSP games that is, without question, a standalone reason to buy a PSP.

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ta1snake3765d ago

must get this one for sure.

Azures3765d ago

PSP is just getting overloaded with AAA handheld titles.

Portable Ops/+, Logan's Shadow, War of the Lions, Chains of Olympus, Crisis Core...

plus the coming Kingdom Hearts and Star Ocean games.

[email protected]3765d ago

Yeah, i knew the game will great a AAA+. The only letdown from the game its the not include feature(infrastructure) to play again friends Online. Aleast the Ad-hoc make me happy for awhile.

Drano3765d ago

This is just what I needed to get myself a PSP. The Masterpiece just got even better.

Shaka2K63765d ago

One of the best games of all time.

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