Sony Won't Bring PSP Slim S-Video Cables To U.S.

While they're available in Japan and elsewhere, Sony has decided not to offer S-video cables for its new PSP Slim handheld in North America. Why not? A company representative told GameInformer that they wanted to streamline their selection, giving owners a choice between cables supporting composite, "the de facto standard," and component inputs, which are now available on the majority of new televisions. Those S-video lovers among you all will have to take a stand. Either way, it'll set you back $19.99-for once, picking the deluxe option won't cost more.

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synce3758d ago

S-video? Man, I haven't used that in years. The people complaining need to upgrade their TVs already. You can get an HDTV at K-Mart these days.

Enigma_20993758d ago

... but yeah, shocked the hell out of me to see them there.

sumfood4u3758d ago

Unless it's wireless to yur T.V.

djt233758d ago

now that suck
the only reason i want to get it because of s video
now i have to think about it

YoMeViet3758d ago

aww too bad
now i can't play my psp on my 11-inch black and white tv
boo whoo

merovingian3758d ago

If you come to Canada or live here we have them I guess its just the US cause I got mine

jlytle12343758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

if only there was a way to buy things outside of your own country. An interlinking system like a net that would draw from sources all over the world and bring it to a centralized location for you to browse.

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