Rift Advert Openly Mocks World of Warcraft

Having launched in North America and Europe last week, Trion Worlds’ Rift has been met with a mixed response. Much acclaim has been lavished on the title, though it seems many have trouble separating it from the comparisons to the genre leader, World of Warcraft. Unsurprisingly, Trion Worlds have recognised this, and have begun an advertising campaign reflecting the public opinion.

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MajestieBeast2411d ago

Wow you mock something your a clone off /golfclap

Tommykrem2411d ago

I wouldn't say it mocks WoW. "We're not in Azeroth anymore" is a semi-funny reference at its worst. And they're basically acknowledging who the leader is, since they're playing on an expectation to know what Azeroth is. Blizzard should take thiso one as a compliment!