Microsoft Has Now Spent Over Ten Years In The Console Business

Kotaku: Time flies, doesn't it? One day, you're thinking only Sega and Nintendo are capable of building quality, successful gaming hardware. The next, you wake up to find that Microsoft is building a video games console.

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Warprincess1162598d ago

Ugh i wished they never joined it.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Me too, competition is always bad.

Edit @mezzo: I think you missed the sarcasm :(

-Mezzo-2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Competition is never bad, Competition is the only reason we get AAAE games on each consoles, the eagerness to outdo you opponent has always been good for Gamers.

@M4ndat0ry_1nstall -- i guess i did :D

LOGICWINS2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

@Warprincess116- If it wasn't for the 360's early success, the PS3 would be still be $400 and PSN would have half the features it has now. I hope your being sarcastic, because ud have to be a COMPLETE fool not too see that it was the 360 that lit the fire under Sony ass to improve and get rid of their "ull want to get two jobs to buy a PS3" elitist mentality.

As a PS3 gamer, I'm happy Microsoft brought out the best in Sony.

Man, Xbox Live ALONE did sooo much for online console gaming. Such an ignorant comment dude. If your being serious, PLEASE go educate yourself.

Munky2598d ago


bub + for you man, refreshing to read a impartial comment on here.

ASSASSYN 36o2598d ago

Defintely bubbles to logicwin. Well said.

Godmars2902598d ago

MS brought the wrong kind of competition as far as I'm concerned. Were more focused on undermining the competition than doing better. Are certainly in arguably worse shape as a game publisher than when they first entered into consoles.

darthv722598d ago

That statement takes me back to 1995. When people felt the same way towards Sony and the Playstation.

If anything, a newcomer brings with them the desire for the others to be better than they are.

BrutallyBlunt2598d ago

As much as I like them being here I would not like them to have control of the market. Look at Sony and how well they have done in the past to being overly arrogant this generation. Nintendo and Microsoft managed to keep them in check. Now the Platstation 3 offers great value and Sony has been very aggressive in their own 1st party studios.

Blad3star2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

@Godmars - "MS brought the wrong kind of competition as far as I'm concerned"

Your either too young or just dont want to remember how Sony use to bully Sega and Nintendo with lame ads (Crash Bandicott) also you know that the main reason why the Dream Cast is dead is because Sony (PSP 2) kept alot of 3rd party developers under there pocket that gen.

If your not going to congradulate MS for lasting this long as many thought they would follow the Sega fate, THEN GTFO YOU TROLL.

cliffbo2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


you are an idiot long before MS joined the console war sony had the ps1 which came out in the uk for £340 as i got one day 1 and that is what it was sold for and nobody complained about the price back then.

all consoles come out expensive to begin with and sony's strategy has always been the same lower price gradually over time nobody needed to light a match under anyone's arse.

this has always been there strategy if anything it is the reverse and that is why the xbox 360 has continued to lower there price in an attempt to desperate attempt to combat the ps3's sales.

if they had not lowered there prices the argument of the 360 beating the ps3 would not exist which is why ps3 sales continue to catch up to the 360 year on year.

and as for the psn it would of had all of the features it has now if you had actually read your history you would of known that sony had been talking about these features since the ps2 days it has just taken them this long to implement them because in Europe the internet was not fast enough to support such a service that is why the xbox live service didn't become what it was until the 360 came about.

in summery it is you who needs to educate yourself and read up on your history instead of making rash judgements.

wiki is your friend

incidentally the 3DO was $700 when it released and no one complained

NiKK_4192597d ago

i'm glad they joined for the competition, because sony and nintendo only on the market this gen...wouldn't be very good competition-wise, but that doesn't mean i'm every going to buy a 360, i don't like microsoft with consoles, but i do love windows 7 and windows phone 7

Godmars2902597d ago

I'm old enough - far older than I wish to admit - to know that Sega screwed their own pouche through mismanagement. Hinting at the Dreamcast when the Saturn hadn't even been released, then just dumping that console on the market. That's why they lost support.

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Halo_Reach2598d ago

Nice Work MS , started from 0 and now on TOP!

BK-2012598d ago

Nintendo is on top sales wise, Sony is on top quality wise and MS is on top socially.

theonlylolking2597d ago

I still dont see how much more social M$ is then nintendo and sony.

Kalowest2598d ago

Im still surprised they lasted this long.

aviator1892598d ago

Same here. I thought they'd drop after the first xbox managed lackluster sales, but they've really managed to get it together since then.

Lamarthedancer2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

I'm more surprised that people still have faith in them to deliver in 2011 everytime they open their mouth and say something like "2011 for the 360 is amazing".

The_Ultimate_Guy2598d ago

Far worse was Sony charging $600 at launch for a PS3 and people were buying them when there were no games until 3 years later.

Xfanboy2598d ago

I have a feeling Xbox 720 & PC could be linked in someway with windows! But Sony will do it also in other way!

New consoles need to ship next year!!

Arknight2598d ago

I sure hope not? Why would you want to spend more on new consoles when they are still working on maxing out the ones we have now?......well, one of them, at least.

MajestieBeast2598d ago

One day, you're thinking only Sega and Nintendo are capable of building quality, successful gaming hardware. The next, you wake up to find that Microsoft is building a video games console.

Ahh no mention of sony i see what you did there Kotaku.

Arknight2598d ago

At least they didn't include Microsoft in a sentence with those that build quality, successful hardware.

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