Top 5 awkward videogame sex scenes

In the wake of the truly awful sex scenes in Dragons Age 2, is the medium anywhere near mature enough to tackle this difficult area of human interaction? After these five videos you'll never want to even touch another human again.

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Godmars2902600d ago

the thing that gets me about the ME sex scenes is that everyone not only still has their clothes on - but combat armor!

If they were going to go to the bother they should have put the work in is all I'm saying.

Blacktric2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

In what case a member had their party armor on? Tali? You can't say its an armor because its just a simple environment suit. And none of the other members had their combat armor on during the beginning of the scenes let alone in the middle of them. And what is DragonS Age 2?

Godmars2902600d ago

All I know in the example they provided two "people" are cuddling together after the act fully clothed.

What, Bioware paid the concept artist enough for the alien's head shot?

Val1s2600d ago

Some people are into battle armour....I guess. Not me. I'm just sayin....*ahem*

strigoi8142600d ago

all sex in games are really awkward to watch on the first place anyways..

Punch-o2600d ago

Yes very awkward with my wife walking in the room "What the hell is this!"

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