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Lazygamer breaks down their favourite retro games of all time.

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WobblyOnion2656d ago

Totally agree on Super Mario Bros 3. That game is one of the best games of all time. OF ALL TIME!

ianfelmore2656d ago

Agreed! On that note, it is going to be interesting (with the latest news on Mario 3DS) how much of Mario 3 they will incorporate. Given the tail on the logo and all.

Mikit07072656d ago

Golden Axe! Man, I don't remember there being that... much... pink? O_o

ianfelmore2656d ago

LOL! Did anyone ever find out what those bird like creatures were called?

WharenPeace2656d ago

Golden Axe was a fine game. I must have wasted all of my allowance at the arcades.

granthinds2656d ago

I still have dreams about SMB3. That racoons tail... :)

ianfelmore2656d ago

You didn't finished your sentence G, that raccoons tail... was awesome! :)

wingman32x2656d ago

Crap, I saw that logo and thought it was something related to the next Retro Game Challange game. They really need to make/locallize another one.

CherryLu-Chan2656d ago

Likewise .. I thought the sequel was going to finally see a release.

The original is flat out genius - and the biggest love letter to gaming I can remember.

Brilliant fun to play and very, very funny.

WharenPeace2656d ago

Streets of Rage took me back to a simpler time :D These old games still have life in them.

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