Mortal Kombat's online play is region locked

In a famous books and electronics store in Sao paulo, Brazil; Mortal Kombat’s producer, Hector Sanchez, presented the game and revealed that online play in Mortal Kombat will be region locked and restricted to your area only.

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DangerTick2657d ago

Site I never heard of trying to give new info about a game. I highly doubt this is legit. I'll wait for something more official.

sinncross2657d ago

I hope not. Im from South Africa and could never connect to anyone online in MKvsDC unless they were also from South Africa. But the game didnt sell well in our small market so to get the online trophies I needed to rent a 2nd copy and go to a friends place and play online in the same room lol

DigitalAnalog2656d ago

I don't know any MK die-hards in my country. And if they are, they probably left console gaming a long time ago!

-End statements

plb2656d ago

That kind of sucks if true. Hope it isn't.

ninjagoat2656d ago

I hope it is tbh prefer playing UK gamers. Stupid yanks come in lag the shit outta things.

plb2656d ago

lol sounds like you're mad and just getting beat by us yanks all the time :)

redDevil872656d ago

This is just dumb if its true. Fighting games thrive on large communities, not closed off ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.