Metal Gear Solid 4 In-Depth Video Interview TGS07 Interview assistant producer of Kojima production-Ryan Payton for the upcoming PS3 killer app : Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4). This interview explains key features of the game as well as Metal Gear Online (MGO)
"We learn about the different control schemes, characters, and features present in the final chapter of Solid Snake's story."

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Kulupoo4065d ago

I like the Flash-back idea... this way I dont need to replay MGS2 :D

Douchebaggery4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

that would've been a welcomed feature in halo 3, i tried to find someone with the legendary edition cuz i heard all the cinematics from the first two games were included but i was unsuccessful.

i've played through H1 countless times but i just can't seem to will myself into playing H2 again i finished it once and never touched the singleplayer again, i have to find a sucker to play co-op with.

Kulupoo4065d ago

well halo 1 and halo 2 are pretty short games... If you want to know the story, it will probably takes you 12 hours or less to finish both of them on easy mode.

sonarus4065d ago

yea the flash back is cool.

Fighter4065d ago

I didn't like playing as Raiden in MGS 2 because I wanted more of Snake's game play but this time around Raiden looks more cooler and the fact that only his head and spine are the only remaining body parts left of his humanity makes it much more interesting.

Blu ray is definitely needed for this game. I'm prety sure they will use the full 50GB capacity if they are to fit in all those cut scenes of past and present as well as the MGS Online starter pack. I wouldn't be surprised if they added another Blu ray disc. Can't wait for that demo to arrive.

Douchebaggery4065d ago

Raiden should get his own 3rd person action game a la DMC with crazy bosses only Kojima can come up with and the Frogs ninja types they showed in the last trailer

solidt124065d ago

This will be the best game to come out next year. Im calling in sick when this game comes out next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.