Master Chief Costume Sells for $21K On Ebay

The lucky winner of this one of a kind suit will definitely be winning the office Halloween costume contest.

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stunt2133490d ago

Whoever bought this is a f***ing retard

Douchebaggery3490d ago

TheMart can finally feel like real a man

*i kid, i kid*

Young Capwn3490d ago

i would buy it for like a few hundred but not for the price of a Mitsubishi Eclipse

ASSASSYN 36o3490d ago

I hope you aren't talking about the latest eclipse they are f a g bubble cars.

Eidolon3490d ago

But you don't know what this man has or what he plans to do with it, for all we know he could make it better and sell it for higher.

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The story is too old to be commented.