PS3 hacker reveals Sony’s three step “epic save” fix

Gamer.Blorge writes, "A notorious PS3 hacker has commented on Sony’s latest firmware update to fix the piracy issue on the console. Apparently the company has a broad overarching strategy that may be an “epic save.”"

Gamer.Blorge writes, "KaKaRoToKS recently tweeted that he believes Sony is implementing a fool-proof three step solution which should completely fix the exploit discovered by the hackers."

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Nitrowolf22599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

and they said it could never be fixed
unhackable? nothing is, but i bet it will be some time now before they can actually hack the FW again. They still haven't done it with 3.56 and that's been out for some time now.

so where are all those people who said Sony can't patch this up because it would render all past games useless?

I agree with KaKaRoToKS statement, people (Hackers) should be fine with what they have. No reason for them to be online ruining the community.

MintBerryCrunch2599d ago

the problem is that the patches that they have implemented so far since 3.55 should have been done when the console have such a huge security flaw only took away from making ACTUAL firmware updates that bring new features to the console, instead of security patch after security patch

insomnium22599d ago

Well we did get cloud savings just now didn't we?

ksense2599d ago

god I still remember those days when so many people were laughing at Sony and kept taunting that they can't do anything about it and that it cannot be fixed via software update and needs a hardware revision and they should start looking to bring the next console lol. This should be a slap in their faces lol

FailOverFail2599d ago

Well you need to remember the only way they broke the PS3 is because they stole a key to "open up the system". So Sony couldn't have anticipated this that far back. They have a track record of what, 4-5 years of the PS3 being completely secure? Then suddenly someone is reported to have stolen a certain "key to the PS3" of sorts and the PS3 is hacked.

And I'm not going to lie, after playing some PS3 games online, I'd much rather get this problem out of the way first before they add any new features. But look, Sony went above and beyond and gave us Cloud Saving when they could have just pumped out a security FW update instead.

Btw, if you had a brain you would know to blame the hackers for Sony having to push these updates. If they avoided hacking the PS3, we wouldn't need them.

sikbeta2599d ago


The important thing is that Sony could fix this, also there goes the hackers with their arrogant attitude like that failoverflow group talking about fail and flaws and how Sony would never be able to fix this and stuff, but they couldn't go far into hacking by their own "merits", if the root-key or whatever wasn't stolen in first place, they sure would be trying with no success :P

MaxXAttaxX2599d ago

These people need to get a life.

Istanbull2599d ago


rbrtchng2599d ago

Yeah MintBerryCrunch! Every single piece of technology should be released absolutely hack-proof. Sony's stupid for creating the ONLY piece of tech that was hack-able.


KillerBBs2599d ago

Hey! I didn't give you permission to use my kids photo.

DAS6922598d ago

Let's not forget... it took hackers all the way until 3.55 to get it right, and the system is well above maturing now... so it's not like it's something they knew about the whole time... thus the term "patch".

Axecution2598d ago

*reads MintBerryCrunch's comment"

*reads KillerBBs comment*
lol. damn that was unfunny xD
*Closes browser*

Lawliet2598d ago

Believe it or not failoverflow or geohot probably ain't the first to discover the exploit. I certainly believe that there are other groups already successfully cracked the PS3 way before them, but just like every professional hackers they just want to sharpen up their skills not start up a damage control or a fame whore. IF you truly call yourself a black hat you should have know the first oath! Never reveals urself in public!

failoverflow and geohot might have an extend of technically knowledge, but they lack common sense.. Revealing themselves through youtube, posting their conference and lame raps saying WE HACK THIS NOW WHAT YOU GONNA DO?! Think about it in first place they hacked it simply for a lame excuse cause they want their OtherOS back, like wut?! They are just bunch of childish brats.. These people won't go far..

JackBNimble2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Let's just hope that what KaKaRotoks says has some merit....I've had enough of these so called hackers and all the BullShit they've caused.

what's the point anyway in hacking/cracking the ps3 when you can do so much more on a pc?

OneSneakyMofo2598d ago

Just like the 360 was so secure at the beginning of their console launch... oh wait.

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Tony-Red-Grave2599d ago

what i love is how when sony gave them the option of either updating their ps3s or staying a FW back without the ability to access psn they strted trying to hack it but now they have that same option and their scared. all this could've been avoided in fact they contridict the reason to have even hacked the ps3 at all.

think about it they wantd OS they could've kept and ran homebrew there and have been in the same situation as now only less suing because with this sony has f'd them up.

rbrtchng2599d ago

I agree. If hackers really weren't trying to pirate and just wanted to homebrew and people actually only wanted that, then they would've have tried to exploit the OtherOS for piracy, and the OtherOS would be an awesome feature with tons of homebrew features, and these hackers would still be able to play on the PSN.

Tony-Red-Grave2599d ago

in case no oine understood what i ment il clear it up abit :)

if we look back at when sony removed OS they had given users two options: keep OS but lose the ability to go play on psn or update and lose OS but in return you can game online. well if hackers hadn't tried to hack the ps3 the users who bought a jailbreak wouldn't need one instead they'd be running their games off OS like originally intended.

now if we look back a few articles they said, failoverflow as well, they didn't care about online gaming they only wanted homebrew and OS when they could've just not updated and kept both without having any problems what so ever with sony. no instead they hacked the ps3 released the jailbreaks got sued for it got fined, im prety sure they didnt release OS, got noobs on psn ruining everyones online experince and pirated games.

oh aside from that they tried to hack themselves back onto psn and would've used a brand new ps3s console ID to do it. as youu guys see they onlyu did what they did for the same reason geohot did, mind you he took most of the credit in the end, their all attentiom whores.

SoapShoes2599d ago

If nothing is unhackable, then nothing is unfixable. ;)

miyamoto2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

so you mean any hack can be hacked also?

Hackers vs. Hackers

wow this world is going to be pretty set for Hacked Life!

tacosRcool2599d ago

hacking on a console ruins the experience for all, including those who have nothing to do with it

Electroshocked2598d ago

LG and now this, looks like Sony is having a great year so far.

SephireX2598d ago

Take off your fanboy goggles and think. Sony made it possible for the root key to be extracted by the softweare they included in the PS3 at launch. That being the OtherOs feature. The key was not stolen. It was found. Hackers are going to hack and take advantage of loop holes. Thus, it is Sony's fault that the PS3 was hacked. They shouldn't have included the OtherOs feature in the first place but they did and have paid the price. A lot of people will stay offline and pirate costing devs money. That wouldn't be the case if Sony didn't include OtherOS. Its as simple as that.

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jriquelme_paraguay2599d ago

haha... i think this is a New Memme...


OGharryjoysticks2599d ago

So if it's fixed what does this mean for Geohot since his hack is no longer aplicable?

theonlylolking2599d ago

It has already happened so it still counts.

RedDevils2599d ago

so if he won, or if he free to go, the hacker scene will be back to square one lol

TABSF2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Very good for Sony.

One thing is for sure though, no software ever written is 100% secure.

And why are the mentioning piracy, these people cracked PS3 for running Apps and experimentation (Jailbreak) not gaming.

These guys probably have kickass PCs, why would they want or need to play PS3 games.

@ kesense

Well there is over 20 Million PS3s that are on version 3.55 or earlier.
Also Sony has implemented a hardware measure for extra protection, why wouldn't they.

Mmmkay2599d ago

20 million ? who's ass did you pull that out from?

TABSF2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Fail0verflow's ass :)

Don't go there its gets really messy... :/

dead_eye2598d ago

The article mentions piracy. It says the first CF ever released was to copy games.
"KakARoToKS is a notorious PS3 hacker known for releasing the first custom firmware after the console was hacked. The custom firmware allowed others to pirate games on the console, which has become an uphill cat and mouse chase between Sony and the hackers."

No OtherOS just piacy.

Istanbull2598d ago

how the f*ck do u know there are 20 million PS3s on 3.55 or earlier?

If nothing is unhackable, then nothing is unfixable.

littlebigmarcpsps32599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

yet after 2 weeks
people will crack it
its not 100% secure this is just for 3 or 4 weeks
PS3 fanboys here can kiss SONY ass all they want

jut4202599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Right because the main hacker on the scene just said Sony secured it and he is not going to try to hack this

Mmmkay2599d ago

why is 3.56 still not hacked ? it's been more than 2 weeks... ? effing troll!

RedDevils2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

@Mmmkay because the 3.56 is the same shit as the 3.55, it's basically useless, unless they can't find a way to hack the 3.60 they will probably hack the 3.56 in about a month from now

annus2598d ago


Why would they hack it? What new feature did it add? Oh that's right, nothing.

There were ways to bypass shit and connect to PSN with 3.55, so it was pointless updating to the newer firmware that did nothing.

awesomeperson2599d ago

Can I ask...

Why do you WANT the PS3 to be hacked? Do you pirate or simply a fanboy?

Its better for all of us if these hackers GTFO even if they claim its for homebrew of course people will use it to hack, cheat and make other people miserable (MW2) and of course pirate games.

Not to mention Sony has to pour money into fixing hacks which could be used for other things.

buckley2599d ago

3.56 has already existed for more than 2 weeks, my friend, and is not hacked.

The PS3 existed for 4-5 completely hack-less until the "key" was stolen.

No "key," no hack. Apparently they've managed to build a pretty darn secure console.

Orionsangel2599d ago

Yeah well you can kiss hacker ass all you want. This isn't about kissing the ass of any particular company. It's about being able to play games on a secure service without having these asshole hackers fucking around with it. Such as cheating in COD and getting free trophies and banning who ever they want. Mess with the console all you want, but lay off the service!

SSKILLZ2598d ago

Wow wow wow ! Who let you out of the cage.

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