New Screenshots of PS3 Exclusive - Wardevil

Here are some new screenshots of Wardevil Enigma for the PS3. According to the official website a trailer will be coming "early October".

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Danny Dan3942d ago

OMG, this is my game... for realls.. Finally something new comes up about this game.

Now were really going to see what their [email protected] RTE Engine is capable on the PS3.

Damn, I love this game already.

Violater3942d ago

There was supposed to be new info on this game shown at TGS, better late than never.
I hope we get to see more soon.

Blasphemy3942d ago

Private trailer shown at TGS according to the official site. These are screenshots from that trailer.

3942d ago
Armyless3942d ago

obviously you're bored.

hazeblaze3942d ago

Well, the graphics certainly look AWESOME. But I still don't know enough about the gameplay or story yet... I might see what else I can find on the game but last time I remember looking, there wasn't really much 'news' around the game. Til then... not much to be excited about imo. Could be as awesome as the visuals... could suck. Same with Dark Sector imo... although I'm not really that impressed with the visuals in Dark Sector.

nasim3942d ago

see WARDEVIL makes all x360 games look like wii games

SlappyMcTaint3941d ago

Suck it up now, xbox, you have already peaked this gen.

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sonarus3942d ago

almost forgot about this game. Remember seeing the tech demo. @ danny dan where are you getting your 1080p 60fps info from

Mu5afir3942d ago

The developers stated there engine runs at 1080p 60fps, and this game looks sweet. :)

Danny Dan3942d ago

I first saw this game like years ago. But go to their main site and it tells you.

RTE 1080 engine will run at 1920x1080 at 60 Progressive fps. Check it out all out all in the website,

JsonHenry3942d ago

Yeah, this game runs in 1080p NATIVELY? No. It doesn't. Just like all those Halo fanboys were saddened, this game will not NATIVELY run in 1080p.

hfaze3942d ago

Which is why when you're playing a PS3 game like R6:Vegas that maxes out at 720P, your display is showing it, IN 720P..

So if the PS3 is displaying a game in 1080P, then guess what... It's NATIVELY running in 1080P.

The only games that you CAN upscale on the PS3 are PS1 and PS2 titles.

Nice try...

Ju3941d ago

^^^ bad example with RB6V, BTW. Because that's the only game I had, which forces the PS3 to upscale to 1080i/p if you run you menu @1080i/p, even though it renders native 720p and you have a valid 720p resolution set (both XMB and your TV can handle that).

So, you hit the nail on the head. You used the only game which behaves like that as an example :) But the rest is OK with your statement. (Some games (!) do upscaling. But usually only if, e.g. the native resolution is not available (e.g. 720p) but a higher one is (1080i)). But this is not done automatically. Usually native is native. If its available it will switch to that one - no matter what resolution the XMB runs on.

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MK_Red3942d ago

Wow, after so much time without a sign, I thought this one was cancelled. Good find, good news and good screens.
New trailer coming "Early October"!? Awesome.

Phantom_Lee3942d ago

yea I though it got cancelled as well

SL1M DADDY3942d ago

I thought it was canned as well but thankfully it was not. If in fact this game sees the light of day it looks like it will be awesome! It's on my radar once again and hopefully it will grace my PS3 some day soon. Thanks to the guy who found this tid bit of news. It's always exciting to hear about new games like this that spark my interest.

DaTrooF3942d ago

I was really dissapointed when i didnt hear anything about this game at TGS.
ya have no idea how excited i am!
I've my eyes on that game since it was first announced.
now everybody,keep a look out for eight days,eyedentify,2 days to vegas and getaway 3!
lovin this!=]]]]]]]]]