PlayStation Home: 10 minutes Of New Video Footage

Here is new footage of the PlayStation Home Avatar customization options and also new footage of the apartment wallpaper options a brief look at Home Square and a look a the proximity sound feature for video displays in home.

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Beside the crappy music and hip hop dance, it's all right!

mesh13968d ago

SHUT UP the music was good AND the hip hop was excellent u ignorant minded lesserbeing

The Real Joker3968d ago

Hip hop...rap..whatever the [email protected] you want to call it sucks. It is not even music. Pisses me off my child will have to grow up around this "hip hop culture" [email protected]

drtysouf213968d ago

a lot of people into the upcoming open beta after delaying it till next year. Come on Sony you let me in the Warhawk beta please let me in the Home beta too!

masterg3968d ago

The open beta is open for everyone who wants to get in.

ATLRoAcH3968d ago

I believe Phil Harrison said even though Home was delayed there would be an open beta this year.Though it probably won't have all the features yet it will be open to anyone unlike the beta out now which is closed.

DrPirate3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Yawn* until this gets released.

Until it gets released, I don't care about home, it looks like a yawnfest.
I hate this, it looks effing completed.....What the hell's the holdup.

Bigmac5733968d ago your half-assed attempt at a post.

Panthers3968d ago

i agree. nothing too exciting. the only thing i would probably use this for is clan meetings (which i would rather do in game)

-CaT-3968d ago

I'm in the closed beta, it's far from finished.. Trust me..

AllroundGamer3968d ago

lol i will definitely create a short fat avatar and name him Cartman :)

xplosneer3968d ago

OPEN Beta?

Looks pretty darn SWEET.

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The story is too old to be commented.