Super Mario Galaxy Prologue Video

The opening sequence to Nintendo's upcoming game Super Mario Galaxy.

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doomsonyman4092d ago

i always like games that make me fell like a kid like kingdom hearts slycooper jak and daxter and ratchet and clank. but i have to say mairo is the king of making people feel like kids.this game is going to pown when it comes out but i think little big planet will out seel super mairo galixy by millions, if marketed correctly LBP could be a freaking juggernot in this industry. like i said before sony brings the most passion power and inovation to the industry and they deserve every bit of sucess from there newest game franchises. dan i got a little bit off topic heh, but anyway this game looks awsome and if i wasn't getting a psp this christmas i would be getting a wii and mario galexy

ReBurn4092d ago

I'm looking forward to this one.

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